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Dear Art of Becoming Subscriber:

Thanks for taking advantage of our new astrology project — The Art of Becoming, your 2018 annual reading for all 12 signs.

We’ve gathered some resources for you, to help you understand the astrology of 2018 and astrology in general (tall order, I know).

Here is a listing of all past annual editions of Planet Waves, from 1999 to present.

This page links to all annual editions up to the current one, The Art of Becoming. Each edition includes extended written readings for all the signs, as well as recorded readings since 2011. And each is a kind of yearbook, with contributions by many other writers and artists.

1999 :: The Year You Don’t Forget (written in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ)
2000 :: The River of Night (written in Miami)
2001 :: Under a Changing Sky (written on Vashon Island)
2002 :: The Great Curve (written on Vashon Island)
2003 :: The Pisces Point (written on Vashon Island)
2004 :: Aquasphere (written and recorded on Vashon Island)
2005 :: Bridge to the Core (written in Paris)
2006 :: Parallel Worlds (written in Paris)
2007 :: The Spiral Door (written in Brussels, Belgium and recorded in Calais, France)
2008 :: Small World Stories (written in Kingston, NY)
2009 :: Next World Stories (written in Kingston, NY)
2010 :: Cosmic Confidential (written in Kingston, NY)
2011 :: Light Bridge (written and recorded in Kingston, NY)
2012 :: Revolution, Revelation, Reality Check (written and recorded in Kingston, NY)
2013 :: Listen (written and recorded in Kingston, NY)
2014 :: The Mars Effect (written and recorded in Kingston, NY)
2015 :: Cosmophilia (written and recorded in Kingston, NY)
2016 :: Vision Quest (written and recorded in Kingston, NY)
2017 :: The Book of Your Life (written in Kingston, NY)


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Through the end of last year and into January, I did a focused series of three articles that introduce the transits of 2018. These articles include descriptions of the planets involved: Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Pholus and Quaoar. These articles take about 15 minutes each to read, and they cover most of the territory you will need. I do my best to delineate each planet within your reading.

There is a Future and You Are It

Small Wheel Turns by the Fire and Rod, Big Wheel Turns by the Grace of God

Planets in a Minor Key

Next, we’ve assembled three pages of extra resources, which we’ll eventually move onto this page — for now, they’re linked offsite.

The first includes several useful articles, all written by me and published in The Mountain Astrologer. This includes approaches to the minor planets, to the houses, and just for extra fun, an article about Monsanto’s chart.

Second, we have a special Saturn in Capricorn resources page. That includes some charts, and videos.

Last, we have gathered some of my writing on Pholus and Quaoar. These are not planets that are well-delineated. Pholus is written about, but like all of the centuars, you must beware of disinfo and misunderstanding. Quaoar is an object in the Kuiper Belt, just beyond Pluto, orbiting our Sun.

If you are curious about the history of the Kuiper Belt, check out this article on the discovery of the first Kuiper belt object (KBO).

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