What is Real and What is Not


Illustration by Lia Simone.

Welcome, Sagittarius, to the Art of Becoming, your 2018 annual reading.

Here are the contents:

The Art of Becoming for Sagittarius

“My work is loving the world.
Here the sunflowers, there the hummingbird —
equal seekers of sweetness.
Here the quickening yeast; there the blue plums.
Here the clam deep in the speckled sand.”

— Mary Oliver

Among the more significant news for Sagittarius this year is what has ended: Saturn has left your sign after a challenging though meaningful three-year visit. Other deeply influential planets are also leaving your sign. Later in the year, around the time of your birthday, Jupiter makes a grand entrance, returning to one of its signs of rulership: your own. These and other factors describe an emergence from an introspective phase into an unusually expressive one — and that quality will be sustained for a long time.

Starting with Saturn, though: you may wonder what the heck you’ve been through the past three years. We’ll discuss some of that — the spiritual initiation involved — though what you will now have is the benefit of planets entering Earth signs. Sagittarius is one of the signs best suited to the challenges of life on Earth. Combined with strong placements in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, you’re an even better example.

After Sagittarius follows Capricorn. Treading the wheel in the usual order of the signs, the implication is that when we master the idea-oriented energy field of Sagittarius, we proceed into Capricorn, where it’s possible to express things in material, tangible ways: in short, where it’s possible to build ideas into reality. That’s the direction planets travel (unless retrograde), and the direction of worldly progress. That’s the direction you’re headed.

It’s also possible to proceed in the other direction: the material tests and lessons of Capricorn, and the challenges of the physical plane, lead to the spiritual liberation of Sagittarius. Keep this in mind as we explore transits that tread the wheel traveling in the usual direction, for now.

Saturn in Sagittarius was challenging for you and for the world. According to ancient astrology, Saturn has little dignity in Sagittarius. Neither is it in “fall” or “detriment.” But it’s not especially easy having the planet of structure, form and boundaries in a sign associated with expansion, liberation and free thinking. In short, you’ve just experienced three years of Saturn where your sign is much more attuned to Jupiter.

This is a necessary initiation. One crisis of the world in its current form is the obsession with making things; and concentrating wealth and power demands the spiritual and ethical refinement available from experience with Sagittarius. The ability to aim one’s intention — the essential theme of Sagittarius — and to understand the results of action in a holistic way, are all but missing in the world. Indeed, we are currently drowning in the law of unintended consequences.

Regarding Saturn and its relationship to Sagittarius, we could make many metaphors for how two such forces act on one another: consider the relationship between a pearl and an oyster, and the ocean that surrounds both. A grain of sand serves as an irritant, and the oyster responds by smoothing out the rough edges, thereby creating something valuable and beautiful. It does so drawing on its biological abilities, and collecting resources that are freely available. The result is that the oyster materializes something, though this comes as the result of a little crisis.

There may have been more than a little crisis in your life the past three years, though you’re made of tough stuff; and the chances are you not only weathered it, but emerged stronger, more competent, and more secure in yourself. Sagittarius deeply needs the focused, dense energy of Saturn — if you want to get anything done. This is the challenge of any creative endeavor, and of every creative person: how to turn an idea into some useful reality, and then be able to have that project provide a source of sustenance. There are some scant few people who find this easy. It seems especially easy to create wealth in ways that bypass both creativity and ethics, where the consequences (unintended or inevitable) allegedly don’t matter.

I’m talking about what is right, true and helpful — and what serves some purpose other than its own existence. Saturn in your sign has been part of your training in the process of manifesting what matters the very most to you: and by matters, I mean what you consider relevant, and what you want to turn into something with a material existence.

Saturn in the Third Decanate (or Face) of Sagittarius

I will leave it to you to review the full history of Saturn in your sign, which dates back to late 2014. Let’s focus briefly on Saturn’s trip through the last 10 degrees of Sagittarius, which began on Dec. 19, 2016 — in Saturn’s delightfully structured way, exactly one year to the day before Saturn entered Capricorn, on Dec. 19, 2017. This was shortly after Trump was elected (with considerable help from the Kremlin) and before he was inaugurated. If you were to make a list of the news events during that year, you would want to burn it.

You can perhaps skip that exercise (unless you’re a journalism student, or a serious astrology student) and consider what occurred in that last year of Saturn in your sign for you, personally. Astrologically, that timeframe stands out for two reasons. One is that the third decanate (also called a face, which is a 10-degree measure) of Sagittarius is ruled by Saturn. Following the rules of classical astrology, the third face is by far the most potent area of Sagittarius for Saturn. It almost acts like a conjunction, which in this case would be a hologram of a Saturn return.

Second, using a more contemporary metric, 2017 was the timeframe in which Saturn made a series of three conjunctions to the Galactic Core. Among the many reasons that Sagittarius is such an extraordinary — meaning unusual — sign is that the core of our galaxy is located there. Our galaxy, our local island in space, consists of about 300 billion stars in a spiral formation, at the center of which is a supermassive black hole, along with many X-ray sources and the oldest stars on our island in space.

The interesting thing is that the Core itself is obscured from visual perception. Its existence was not even known about until 1933. The Core’s presence, you might say, is inferred, referenced by what we know about other galaxies, and measured by radio signals and readings from special instruments — and in astrology, we can feel it and observe its results. The Core is a spiritual orientation point within earthly consciousness; you might think of it as relating to what some call “source.”

Saturn conjunct the Core was a real stretch, emotionally and spiritually. It was a study in combining the ineffable — yet compelling — signal coming from the Core, with the bottom line of reality on the physical plane. Saturn conjunct the Core, for example, coincided with revelation of the wide-scale sexual abuse and misconduct throughout society, emerging in a seemingly never-ending stream. That quality of jetting out was added by Pholus. If we think of that endeavor as a spiritual test rather than as some kind of cultural event, it looks much different.

What was going on in your life, particularly through the last half of 2017? What experiences did you learn the most from, and what will you take with you? It’s likely that those experiences, rather than being done and accomplished, are more like a learning agenda that you will carry forward for many years.

You might think of Saturn conjunct the core as being a kind of invisible eclipse that revealed the relationship most people have to Saturn — typically people are worn down or crushed by it. The burdens of life are too much; they’re just exhausting for a great many people. However, as one born under the influence of the centaur, the hunter or the archer, you have a mission in life that’s much too important for you ever to be dragged down by the experience of living. It’s just not your style; so you have one option, which is self-mastery.

Learning about Saturn is an experience; it means internalizing the authority principle: being your own boss; making your own decisions; maintaining the structure of your life; honoring boundaries, including and especially time; and keeping your house in order. With Saturn crossing the Galactic Core for a year, this meant becoming your own spiritual teacher as well. The authority projected onto spiritual teachers is one of the most dangerous facets of the human condition. You cannot assign your relationship to Goddess/God/Source to someone else. It’s one thing to learn from teachers you grow to respect. It’s another to assume that someone else possesses a connection you do not.

It’s not far from there to various shades of Dear Leader.

However, the seemingly glaring contrast between the accepted qualities of Saturn and those of Sagittarius makes this challenging. Yet it’s necessary for both elements to be in the equation. You might say that you have conditioned the authority principle as much as it’s conditioned you: in other words, you have redefined your concept of what it means to be in charge of your life, which will be especially helpful when relating to your family — one of the deepest themes of this year’s astrology. Fortunately you have preparation. Let’s keep a focus on the influence of planets moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn, which is a big deal.

Pholus and Quaoar Change Signs; Ixion on the Galactic Core

There’s something about Sagittarius — I’m not sure what — that seems to attract interesting planets. This could be a quirk of karma at our time in history. In recent years, two slow-movers, relatively recent discoveries, have been buzzing around the Galactic Core (lately, close to Saturn) and are now moving into Capricorn, your 2nd solar house (which I’ll sometimes call 2nd place, an older term than house). An additional point is still working its way across the Core.

(Note that these are planets within our solar system, orbiting our Sun — though in the outer region — which are aligning with the Galactic Core. I don’t use any planets that are not orbiting our Sun; and in The Art of Becoming, I am only using two deep-space points, both of them in Sagittarius.)

Both of these planets address family, in its widest context. Quaoar addresses one’s origins, and Pholus addresses what was inherited. Yet conjunct the Galactic Core, both point to source, by which I mean, spiritual or cosmic source. As a Sagittarian, it’s essential that you understand yours is the sign that covers this topic, on account of the Galactic Core, and the Great Attractor located 12 degrees away (see the Book of Your Life reading for your sign).

Both points traversing the Galactic Core point to some deep inquiry into what it means for you to be human. This is profound stuff that most people on the street don’t think about much; or, you might say, we usually filter it out. Yet the signal coming through these once-in-a-lifetime transits has been a little much to ignore. In the widest possible sense, the question raised might have sounded a little like “where do we all come from?” and for you, “where do my people come from?” This has been reflected by the popularity of DNA testing. While the technology is sort of ready (it’s not especially accurate), it happens to be popular at a time when two planets specifically addressing the theme of “origins” were crossing the Core.

There are many tribes that in their collective thinking ascribe their origins to different star systems (the Pleiades is a famous one). However, in contemporary times, and in societies where the tribes are all mixed, or where there is less tribal thinking, every person has their own origin. Many, many energy (or soul) lines inhabit the human form. These include the local yokels — what you might call “evolutionary humans” who descended from earlier primates; to various strains of ET; to various types of elemental entities (sprites, divas and others); to what we think of as “angels” and “demons” — any of whom you might see walking down the street in a human body.

Each of these responds to being in the human form differently, which is distinct from individual adaptation. So, the question that may have come up (potentially in the invisible form for which the Galactic Core is famous) is: who and what are you?

This, by the way, is about Quaoar, which has just cleared Sagittarius and is in Capricorn to stay (for our current lifetimes). There are two questions: how would you define or describe your origins, based on what you know from all available sources; and two, how will you invest your life with that idea of who you are?

For you, Capricorn is about your investment in yourself, your acquisitions and your life tools. Capricorn is nothing if not practical (it can be a little too practical). So we’re talking not just about the story of your origins (again, from all available sources; i.e., “I am Mexican, which for me means part Mayan, and they consider their origins to be Pleiadian” or, “My family is from the British Isles and I relate to the faerie realm” or, “My family is Sicilian, so I run my life like a little self-reliant villa,” to give a few examples) but what it means to you, and what you do with it on a pragmatic level. Maybe there’s not so much you can do, or maybe it’s part of your spiritual path, or maybe you claim some power of origin or heritage. Many people feel the power of their lineage, which may be about feeling the power of lineage itself.

Not feeling cut off is important to a happy existence. The sense of connection or lineage is also not a magic solution to feeling cut off; we all have to address the fact that we are here, whoever we are and wherever we may be. It’s also important to re-evaluate the presumptions of one’s family (“we’re Jewish; you will marry a Jewish girl or else” or “we’re Italian and therefore angry racists” or whatever).

In claiming, there is also disclaiming.

Two other points: Pholus is in transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn. It will spend part of the year in Sagittarius, then enter Capricorn to stay. Pholus focuses the issues associated with origin, especially alcohol. We could say a lot about Pholus, but the most significant message I’ve seen, tracking this object since around 1998, involves the patterns of alcohol use and abuse in your family, and how they influence you.

Making any actual observations followed by decisions on this issue would count for practical. What you learn must become part of your values system.

Last point on this theme: Ixion. At the moment, Ixion, a Pluto-like body, is conjunct the Galactic Core, and will be for a while. Ixion is the study in what happens when there’s no difference between right and wrong. If we take the Core as representing a spiritual force of some kind, consider what it would be like to drop Ixion in front of it. The focus here is that you really need to have your own ideas about what is OK and what is not OK, and to work with those ideas consciously. It’s easy to be loose about one’s ethics; it’s easy to suspend your moral principles for convenience.

Because the light illuminating this is from the Galactic Core, the issues may be subtle. You may really have to look, if you want to see. The thing to remember is that it makes a difference what you do, and why you do it. And one of the most essential values by which you guide your life is your sense of right and wrong; this is not about guessing or hunches, it’s about a real investigation.

Notice carefully how you handle yourself when you make an error and are given a second chance. Ixion is a caution against not squandering second chances.

Saturn in the 2nd House and Capricorn: Use What You Know

The transition of Saturn from Sagittarius to Capricorn is, in a similar way, about putting your learning to good use: claiming it as a resource. Once you have established something as true, it’s necessary to take full ownership of it. Having Capricorn on the 2nd house is an excellent placement for you financially; you have the capacity to be grounded and to structure your financial affairs. Saturn’s presence will assist you greatly in this, offering you some authority and the message that you can take command of your affairs. Work with structure: that’s the message of both Saturn and of Capricorn. As astrologer Shelley Ackerman once said to me, “Money flows toward structure.”

With this transit, you also get to confront, in yourself, the most titanic struggle of our society, which I believe is about self-esteem. That’s what we call it, though it’s not really the best term. “Self-possessed” and “self-respecting” work better. However, one of the earliest definitions of “esteem,” a usage from the 14th century, works well: it means “account, value, worth,” which is a perfect way to describe the 2nd house, from a psychological standpoint. You could say that it’s about accounting for your worth. In a modern context, the idea has evolved into the word estimate.

Here is the rub: Capricorn can have an austere quality. It can have a low estimate of itself, and of other things that it perceives. Saturn can have a similar property, though if you put the two together, they add up to a lot more.

We live in a time when, as I gather, the feeling of worthlessness is pervasive. This is a complex issue with many factors influencing it. In the end, everyone is responsible for their own sense of worth, though you might account for what you were told about yourself in the past, and how you were treated. This must start with what your parents told you, and by extension, all older relatives and caregivers, whether personal (such as relatives) or institutional (teachers, guidance counselors, scout leaders, etc.).

The process of developing self-worth is often experienced as a kind of gradual accrual, like saving money. For some people this never seems to get anywhere, and there could be many reasons for that. For others, it’s a natural process of growth.

Pluto has been in this region of your chart for 10 years, and it’s provided you with a motive: you want some independence. To have independence, you must be in possession of your own priorities; and you must cultivate enough self-respect to get by, and then enough to succeed.

Saturn is demanding that you reckon with what you actually have. What skills and talents do you possess, regardless of what you may think they are worth? You can take these next three or so years of Saturn traversing this house as a learning process, though it’s accelerated, concentrated learning by experience.

Self-esteem is similar to the concept of soul. It’s not a thing; it’s a process, an experience and a journey. A constant re-evaluation and re-estimation is necessary. One cultivates self-esteem by making decision after decision, using one’s power of evaluation. In the words of A Course in Miracles, “Every decision you make stems from what you think you are.”

Speaking of thinking: note that Saturn also rules Aquarius, your 3rd solar house (or 3rd house by whole signs, for Sagg rising). Both the 3rd and Aquarius are about how you think. If you connect these influences, one of the most important acquisitions of your 2nd house is knowledge.

As a Sagittarian, you have three of the most advanced signs (in the sense of the storyline of the zodiac, and the progress of the seasons) located in the most personal angles of your solar chart: Sagittarius on the 1st, Capricorn on the 2nd and Aquarius on the 3rd. This is all about knowledge and experience as your main assets in life. The important thing, however, is that you use them actively, so you know you have them.

There is one more connection from the 3rd to the 2nd — the 3rd house is about your local environment. This is a reminder to keep as many of your interests as close to your home community as you can. This is part of a growing trend, though it can never be said enough: circulate your money within your community; serve people in your community, with what you do.

Make a point of shopping online only when you have to, and spend money at businesses that are not connected to national chains. Do this even if it costs a little more. The means of cost savings at large national chains is never ethical. It’s always based on some form of slavery or exploitation, on some rip-off, or on a compromise of quality.

Know your neighbors, and work your way into some central role in your immediate environment.

Neptune, Pisces and the 4th House

Proceeding in order of the houses for the moment, some of your most challenging astrology is emerging from your 4th solar house, Pisces. The 4th represents your security base, whether physical, emotional or psychological. The 4th also represents the early influence of your family of origin and its emotional tenor as it influences you as an adult.

In true Sagittarian style, you have the etheric sign Pisces here. This is some confirmation that you understand how little solid ground our existence is standing on. One way to think of this is that while the Earth seems solid, there’s nothing beneath it. You might say that this qualifies you as a natural-born Buddhist. Pisces being the 4th place of Sagittarius is an excellent example of how the properties ascribed to a sign show up in the solar chart, meaning the arrangement of the other signs around your primary sign.

You might think of your life as an island floating on the ocean. You might, at times, think you live by the rules that dominate land-based people, though really you live by the rules of the sea. They are of necessity much more disciplined than the rules of land. You understand that you are contained within a finite body of land, surrounded by an infinite, inhospitable element, whether you think of that as the ocean or deep space.

Pisces has been the scene of extraordinary activity lately. For one thing, Chiron has moved through this sign for the past eight years. This has heightened your awareness of your existence, and your relationship to how you feel in your environment. The classical interpretation of Chiron in the 4th is extreme environmental sensitivity. For example, if you’re reading for a client who has either Chiron in the 4th natally or by transit, and they are experiencing physical symptoms, check for environmental factors.

This has very likely focused certain sensitive issues in your family; or at least, you’ve become more aware of them, and their impact on you. Chiron through the 4th is one of those transits that can lead you to seek your emotional independence, if only because to live any other way is too much of a struggle. Emotional independence does not mean cutting yourself off; it means being aware of the impact of others on your feelings and your sense of reality.

While Chiron has been transiting your 4th, a process that transitions into Aries (your 5th place) in 2018 and 2019, two other slower planets have arrived in Pisces: they are Neptune, the most distant “gas giant” (really, made of water) and Nessus (a slow-moving centaur associated with Neptune).

One advantage Chiron has given you is the power of focus, and the ability to see the invisible. Chiron is a perception-enhancer and is especially useful in nebulous Pisces. It has been a real gift as Neptune has made its presence known the past seven years, and more recently, as Nessus began its nearly two-decade trip through this sign.

The upshot is that you will need to maintain your own vigilance toward family and emotional issues once Chiron moves into your 5th, taking on a new mission, which I’ll come to in a moment. Nessus can represent toxic influences that are in many ways ancestral in nature. You can think of it as an emotionally rooted thought-form that’s passed along through the generations. While you are exploring the nature of your family lineage and origins, you might consider what this could possibly represent.

One way to deduce this is by seeking the common feeling of anything that makes you feel insecure. You will need to be observant about this, though there’s likely to be one thing that comes up in nearly every instance: some triggering factor that has a common imprint no matter where you are.

It’s likely that you consider this so “normal” as to be something you either don’t notice specifically, or think you cannot change. The presence of Neptune is likely to mask this issue further, to the degree where you may not be able to approach it directly. You might need to take a different line of inquiry, such as an indirect one through your creative process.

One last way to think of this is as a “central lie” that your family believes. We all have to put up with some gross misperception that seems to be inherent in our family, some character flaw such as a background level of racism, homophobia, sexism, lying or some other dysfunction.

The question here is whether you take this on; and, if you have, whether you choose to keep it. You need to look closely at the influence that others who possess this issue have on you. Be aware that to do this may feel like betraying them. They may have some feeling of revenge or anger that is their business, not yours. Your job is not to allow others to have this influence on you, if you don’t want it.

Remember that you may see capitulating as a bargaining chip to gain their approval. Such would be a bargain with the devil.

Chiron in the 5th House, Jupiter in the 1st House

This year two planets enter fire signs for significant stays. Let’s take them in order. Chiron begins its transit from Pisces, your 4th solar house, to Aries, your 5th solar house, which is an approximately nine-month process. This will call on you to test your confidence. Many people treat feeling secure and confident as an abstract issue, when really these are learned through direct experience. Experience driven by curiosity is the very keynote of Chiron in the 5th house.

Chiron will arrive in your action-oriented 5th fully charged with the mystical, numinous and emotive power of Pisces. Your role will be to bring this into your creative exploration — and your sexual exploration. The 5th is where art meets adventure meets sex. This is the art/adventure/sex that most everyone is afraid of, so they go to Las Vegas to gamble, take a zip-lining day trip, or go to Six Flags to ride the spiral roller coaster instead.

If you’re really doing Chiron in the 5th, you will push into the unknown and unfamiliar, and do things for the first time. If you’re doing something familiar, you’ll do it in a new way, or begin a new phase of your work. Chiron from the 4th to the 5th has a feeling of being liberated from your insecurities, particularly sexual and creative. For example, if you’ve been developing art or music, it’s time to experiment with performing or showing your work.

The key to activating and working with this transit is some kind of personal risk, meaning a risk involving who you are, personally. Rather than detach yourself from your expression, the idea here is to invest yourself, and to experiment with some new experience of existence that challenges and stretches you. You know you’re there when you feel some way you’ve never felt before. There will be some thrill in the edgy quality of this experience, and the need to make things up — and make yourself up — as you go along.

Later in the year, in early November, your ruling planet Jupiter returns to your sign. Until then, you may feel trapped or isolated in a way that you don’t notice. This is not a negative thing. While Jupiter in Scorpio is not the most social placement in the world, it might serve your sex life very well. Both Scorpio and the 12th house are two of the most erotic placements in the chart, and Jupiter is bringing some energy there. One key to this placement is to get yourself out of your fantasies and into tangible, physical reality. There’s something of a charm to this placement where sexual exploration is concerned. While that will shift somewhat when Jupiter enters your sign in November, there are other aspects, particularly Chiron in Aries, that will pass the flame forward into the future.

Jupiter’s sign change will mean the classical rulers of both Sagittarius and Capricorn are in their signs, which provides you with a tremendous advantage in life. What you experience might seem like luck, but really it’s about gaining access to your native resources. This unusual phase will last just one year, from late 2018 to late 2019. I will have more to say about that in your next birthday reading at the end of the year; and this Jupiter/Saturn combination is likely to set the theme of all of the 2019 annual readings — it’s big news, though we’re a little ahead of ourselves.

Of Work and Reputation

Let’s end with a combination of transits that influence your work. The two primary work and career houses are the 6th, related to the actual tasks at hand, and the 10th, related to your reputation, and the responsibilities you carry. The two are energetically related through the earthy signs: your 6th is Taurus, and your 10th is Virgo. The presence of the earthy signs in your work-related houses is grounding in a similar way to what Capricorn on the 2nd house does for you.

What’s interesting is that you have Virgo (typically thought to feel like the 6th house, though it’s not so simple) associated with your 10th. This can have a few effects, one of which is a tendency to micromanage, and to be a perfectionist. It’s difficult to find people who can do what you do as well as you can, though this is an important quest for you. But there’s a more significant mission in your life right now, which is a quest for wholeness in your work, and what you’re known for.

This is represented by an unusual and rarely used point called Transpluto, which I cover in more detail in the Virgo reading. Transpluto is a hypothetical point, meaning it’s a figment of mathematics and in the minds of astrologers. However, it has a message, and that message is integration. Not of the school system, but of your mind and of your existence, and mostly of your work. The resounding message is to bring your whole self into what you do. You don’t need, or in truth want, to compartmentalize your being. Rather, bring all of who you are into everything that you do. Note: Transpluto will be in Virgo for about another 65 years. This message is for good.

Now for the second work-related transit: Uranus will be in Taurus, your 6th solar house, for the next seven years. This will commence with a phase-in, which begins around the time of your birthday this year, and early 2019, and then holds through approximately 2026.

Taurus on your 6th house endows you with the power to sustain your efforts, an impressive feature of Taurus that the whole world depends on in many different ways. Taurus tends to be so consistent that it benefits from variance. That helps uncork its considerable power.

Uranus will provide that variance, in a way that may at first be a little shocking (Uranus always is), but which will be focused on creativity. The essence of this transit is about how brilliant you are, as much as what you can get done. In our economy, one commodifies one’s time, one’s labor and one’s ideas. I suggest you emphasize your ideas — that’s the best thing Uranus has to offer the world, and which you will have (and in reality currently have) in abundance.

There is one other quality to Uranus that fits this scenario, which is what Germaine Greer called “the trick of cooperation.” The world is set up to be competitive, which works for some people but not for most of us. For success to occur in any way that benefits the majority of people, or more, there must be a conscious and collaborative effort. Uranus is the revolutionary and the inventor, and this would qualify as both revolution and invention.

What’s so interesting, and exciting, is that for much of the next year and beyond, Uranus will be in a trine aspect to Transpluto. Your reputation will grow as you invest your ideas into what you’re doing. So, too, will your responsibility, but the usual notion of effort related to responsibility will be compensated for by the collaborative nature of the venture. The world may be in a crisis driven by insane debt and inappropriate profits, though your world can balance out many of these problems, due to the fact that you’re working on a manageable and more human scale. That’s the essential bit: the human scale, human connection, and that marvelous Uranian miracle of working as part of a group and maintaining your identity at the same time.

You are nothing if not an ardent individualist. You know your life is your life; and for that to work, you must be a master collaborator. Take the lead. Show the way.


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Hand-drawn chart for Sagittarius. Click image for full-size version.

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  1. I love your brilliance Eric…
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    I am deeply appreciative of your integrity and the depth from where your being resides.
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  2. Here’s the full poem that the quote at the top of this reading was taken from, in case anyone is interested:

    by Mary Oliver

    My work is loving the world.
    Here the sunflowers, there the hummingbird—
    equal seekers of sweetness.
    Here the quickening yeast; there the blue plums.
    Here the clam deep in the speckled sand.

    Are my boots old? Is my coat torn?
    Am I no longer young, and still half-perfect? Let me
    keep my mind on what matters,
    which is my work,

    which is mostly standing still and learning to be
    The phoebe, the delphinium.
    The sheep in the pasture, and the pasture.
    Which is mostly rejoicing, since all the ingredients are here,

    which is gratitude, to be given a mind and a heart
    and these body-clothes,
    a mouth with which to give shouts of joy
    to the moth and the wren, to the sleepy dug-up clam,
    telling them all, over and over, how it is
    that we live forever.

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    In the Part 1 Birthday Reading recording, Eric mentioned having an article from Planet Waves from 11/30 in the resources for Sag. How would we find that article? Thanks!

  5. Josie Beug says:

    Wow, from the tracing of my origins and genetic lineage, to the family issues to the work related issues, all of it is spot on. It is as if, I have been laying the groundwork since last August for what is to come, and its coming! in more ways than one. Thank you for the brilliant light of validation you have shown on more than a few aspects of my life.

    I actually feel more freed up from my Family of Origin than I ever have, stepping away from being emotionally dependent upon them. The biggest piece of that has been with my mother, who is nearing the end of her life.

    Thank you again. I highly recommend your readings to friends. I was wishing I could get a reading from you on a new avenue I am taking with my business but you gave it to me above.

    Josie Beug (Yeshe Drolma)
    PS I am a practicing Buddhist, amongst other things, lol!

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