Getting Ready for Your Chiron Graduation


Illustration by Lia Simone.

Welcome, Pisces, to the Art of Becoming, your 2018 annual reading.

Here are the contents:

The Art of Becoming for Pisces

Take your practiced powers and stretch them out
until they span the chasm between two
contradictions… For the god
wants to know himself in you.

— Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)

You’re in the last stages of a truly unusual time in your life, described mostly by Chiron in Pisces. That began in mid-2010, and will be winding up during the next year. While Chiron is often misunderstood or oversimplified, you know something about its influence from the direct experience of focusing your life.

Chiron is the single most useful resource in astrology for growth, transformation, healing and raising awareness. And you’ve been blessed by its presence for more than seven years. The experiences you’ve collected in this time, and the knowledge you’ve gained, will be of service to you for the rest of your life. But moreover, what you’ve become — and who you are becoming — is evidence of what is possible; and now you have that in your body. Growth and change are real, and you can access them.

Once Chiron has left Pisces and moved on to Aries (it’s a process that begins in about 12 weeks from this writing), the excitement and potential for change are not over. Chiron will move into your 2nd solar house, Aries, where a whole new story begins. Here, you will be challenged to focus your self-esteem, and to take full possession of yourself and all that you’ve learned. You can start that process now.

This taking possession thing is something you can learn from a good therapist or career counselor, though the idea is simple: your knowledge is yours. Your experience is yours. Your achievements are yours. They are yours to do what you want and need to do with them. This extends to your belongings, the tools of your trade, your opportunities, all of your resources and, most of all, your self-respect. If you’ve done the work of Chiron in Pisces — and there’s still time to complete it — you will experience Chiron in Aries as an unprecedented time of achievement.

As I’ve been saying since right around when Chiron entered Pisces, it will exit your sign before Neptune does. You can think of Neptune as the wide end of a funnel and Chiron as the narrow end. Together, they gather the spiritual rain and help you focus it into something. The main thing you must take away from your Chiron in Pisces experience is the ability to focus and concentrate your thoughts and your efforts. But ultimately this comes down to how you feel about yourself, and what this facilitates you doing, or prevents you from doing.

A Course in Miracles has summed this up nicely:

There is a deep responsibility you owe yourself, and one you must learn to remember all the time. The lesson may seem hard at first, but you will learn to love it when you realize that it is true and is but a tribute to your power. You who have sought and found littleness, remember this: Every decision you make stems from what you think you are, and represents the value that you put upon yourself. Believe the little can content you, and by limiting yourself you will not be satisfied. For your function is not little, and it is only by finding your function and fulfilling it that you can escape from littleness.

You might wonder what littleness is, though we see it in action all the time. It’s any form of feeling unworthy, less-than, unimportant, meaningless, invisible, powerless, useless or unloved. It’s easy for Pisces to feel this way, given what the world is about. Yet we might expand our definition of Pisces to include any sensitive person who prefers to cooperate rather than compete, who listens and who feels, and who expresses empathy and caring for struggle. For one thing, there is so much struggle to deal with; and for another, these responses to the world are honored and supported only rarely.

It’s vitally important that you be aware of your existential position, especially with Chiron out of your sign. Chiron leaves behind a number of other influences, most significantly Neptune — the modern ruler of Pisces — which is like an exponential ramping up of all that which Pisces naturally contains. There is an opening created by Neptune, which Chiron has been guarding for years. Once Chiron moves on, you will need to cover this for yourself.

Then there is Nessus, a centaur planet in the same class as Chiron, though with a different attunement. Chiron creates a bridge between Saturn and Uranus. Nessus creates a bridge between Saturn and Neptune; it’s much closer to Neptune in influence, which also means it possesses a penetrating power. But learning to master Chiron is more like mastering a tool of light. Learning to work with Nessus can feel like learning to work with a tool of darkness; you must give it the light that it will possess as a force for healing.

Both Neptune and Nessus are significant because of their connections to Pisces, and because they represent the morality tales of our day. They’re not the whole story — but they are its delegates. We can see how this extends into all of society: for example, the crisis of Neptune involves all forms of illusion, delusion and deception, which are mainstays of advertising.

When taken in its clearer light, Neptune is about inspiration, music and the creative use of illusion. Yet Neptune in any form is easily made toxic, easily abused, easily neglected. Being clear about one’s creative intentions is essential when Neptune is present, as is a high focus on maintaining boundaries and integrity. Under such powerful influence of Neptune, one of the best things you can do for yourself is engage with a creative discipline of some kind. It could be anything, as long as it’s meaningful to you, and is expressive of how you feel and who you want to become.

Nessus, for its part, is a sigil of our age where sexual abuse is the topic. Elements of the abuse of sexual power run throughout the Nessus myth. Yet what Nessus really addresses is consequences, here in what Al Gore accurately called “the age of consequences.” With Nessus so prominent in your chart, you can master this for yourself, and you can also assist others who are less able to handle such matters as basic cause and effect.

Among the points that will remain in your sign once Chiron has moved on is Borasisi, a slow-mover in the outer solar system, a bit out from Pluto. This may be the most Piscean planet of all, because it mediates matters of truth and lies, and believing and disbelieving. It’s said that the keynote of Pisces is, “I believe.” We might change that in this era to, “I am discerning about what I believe.” You might even see the fallacy — as David Bowie wrote, “Don’t deceive with belief.”

Chiron’s presence has taught you, and continues to teach you, how to be discerning.

The Special Challenges of Being a Pisces

Special challenges exist for those born as a Pisces, because what your sign represents is so antithetical to what this world is usually about. The orientation of Pisces is on what is soft, what is beautiful and what cannot be proven. The world’s hard edges, its demands, its orientations on time, money and status; its obsessions with the material plane; are not what your life is about, at its essence.

Your world is better described by poetry, music and color: all the experiences that require no logic, or which possess logic of their own. Of all the signs, yours is the most invested in the dreamtime, where so much more seems possible. Still, like an herb planted in soil that’s not quite right for it, you can focus your strength and genuinely thrive. As you may know, Chiron has been in your sign since 2010, and in ways large and small, its presence has helped you adapt to this environment that is so inherently different from who you are.

You partake in the experiences of the world because you must, as a dweller in this plane of reality. You might be one who strives to do your best and get by, or one who makes the most of your existence here. It might help you to know that the qualities you have to offer are the ones the world wants the most of. However, it’s not encouraging to acknowledge that, often, these are also the qualities it’s least willing to support and encourage. Yet this, too, makes you strong, and determined to offer your gifts, whatever they may be. If you have not made this commitment to yourself yet, you still have time — and you will be happier if you do.

Your astrology for the coming few years is all about offering your gifts and having them received. You are moving from the realm of potential to that of manifestation, especially in your professional and artistic endeavors. The developments, described by your astrology between your coming birthday (in 2018) and the one that follows (in 2019), reflect a series of rapid developments that will advance your cause many ways — particularly as a member of society, and of the business community.

You must count on your reputation as solid, and live up to your reputation as being a solid person. Some of the pressure to exceed and excel is coming off you; much already has. You may have noticed a series of shifts beginning in late December, coming with the message to slow down a little, and to reflect on what you’ve accomplished. You need to do plenty of that, because in the whirlwind of the world, it’s easy to miss. Counting and valuing your experiences needs to be a fully conscious act. Personally, I spent some money at the framing shop, and put my art and achievements on the wall, where I — and everyone who comes into my space — can see them. You might want to create a new CV, update your resume on LinkedIn, and make sure that all of your professional presentations — from your business cards to your letterhead to your wardrobe — are up to date and up to standard. You must claim your success, however great or modest it may be.

Remember that Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and, therefore, you’re one of the senior players, astrologically; an old soul, as they say. This is a significant fact to keep in mind as you consider your astrology in any form; especially this year, as Chiron, who leads the quest for wholeness and healing, begins to make the journey from the Omega point of Pisces to the Alpha point of Aries. You will, in a sense, be stretching yourself between the two like Rilke describes in the poem above.

We could also count the “two contradictions” as describing what many experience as the essential nature of Pisces — those two fish of different origins, or swimming in opposite directions. Really, Pisces is the embodiment of the yin-yang, the ancient Asian symbol representing the necessary balance of dark and light, of masculine and feminine. Interestingly, this symbol dates to the 4th century BC, which is about how far back we can trace the Greek astrology that we use.

The Special Advantages of Being a Pisces

There are also some distinct advantages (though challenges count as advantages). You may be aware that to write these readings, I use a device called the solar chart. That’s a chart that starts, in your case, with Pisces on the left side, as the 1st house or 1st place, and counts the houses from there. The solar houses all have the same meanings as “conventional” houses, though what changes from sign to sign (as I rotate a chart to put each sign in the 1st place) is that the sign on each house differs.

The way this shakes out for Pisces is that you have your fire signs placed where they count the most. And presently there’s important activity in all of them. By way of a brief introduction:

Aries on the 2nd house offers you initiative in financial matters and self-esteem. Contrary to the presumed laid-back, ‘let’s just skip work and get stoned’ alleged nature of Pisces, your view is: If I need something, I’m going to get it. You know that you are your most vital resource. You know how important good self-esteem is, even if you struggle with confidence. The transits you’ve had here included Uranus in Aries the past seven years, which has brought some wild swings of fortune that are finally stabilizing. Chiron will soon enter this house, which I will get into later in this reading.

Leo on the 6th house places the sign associated with vitality in your house corresponding with work and wellbeing. One of Leo’s roles is to hold everything together, and you’re very good at doing this at work. Leo also knows no bounds where getting work done is concerned. However, Leo must learn to delegate, and this is one of your challenges as someone who works as hard and as well as you do. Eclipses in Leo this year and last are encouraging you to pay attention to your health, and to bring your work life into balance with your overall wellbeing. Though it’s difficult at times, you must adjust your existence so that life is not only about work, but work is about living fully. It’s also about being an important and respected person at work.

Sagittarius on the 10th house places the sign of single-pointed focus of intention on your house of career and responsibility. Sagittarius knows how to focus a goal, and the 10th house is all about doing so. The power of the 10th to compel accountability is an excellent balance for the devil-be-damned attitude of Sagittarius. It’s taken a while to bring these forces into balance, though Saturn moving through Sagittarius the past three years has worked wonders for your ability to discipline yourself, set goals, take responsibility and get your work done the way you want it to get done.

In summary, the innate qualities of Pisces place the fire signs on the three houses associated with work and money. Fire signs translate to initiative, energy, motivation, drive and ambition. I know, you won’t see this in any astrology book.

What you must remember is that you’re a pleasure-seeking being. You are a Pisces, with all of the love of sensuality, comfort, pleasure, good food, music, art and sex that implies. This calls for real attention to stoking the privileges of both work and pleasure. Much of your success is determined by whether you’re responsible in your use of drugs and alcohol.

Chiron in Pisces, 2010-2019

As I mentioned at the beginning of this reading, Chiron is about to leave your sign. You are not a Chiron graduate yet, but you’re almost there. Chiron has been in your sign since April 20, 2010. That was a few worlds ago, wasn’t it? For you, though, the transit of Chiron through your sign or rising sign has been one of your most important life journeys.

In astrology, there’s nothing quite like Chiron to describe a certain kind of growth and change, oriented on healing and self-awareness. Consider where you were at the beginning of this transit: emotionally, physically, spiritually and in your relationships. Now consider where you are today.

Treat yourself to a synopsis of all that you’ve learned and accomplished in that time, and all the changes you’ve been through. One of the key factors involved is emotional integration. Chiron represents the quest for wholeness. Pisces, of all the signs, must function in a complete way, because it’s the sign of completion: the end of its journey around the zodiac.

It’s good that this is not quite over. For the next year, Chiron will move back and forth between Pisces and Aries, touching Aries for the first time on April 17, entering Pisces for the last time on Sept. 25, and returning to Aries on Feb. 19, 2019. Chiron will next be in your sign in 2061.

The quest for wholeness is perhaps the most essential spiritual project. It encompasses everything from your physical wellness to the alignment between your body and your feelings. The first steps in this direction can be messy, and it’s likely that you’ve been through a series of healing crises in these eight years. A healing crisis is what happens when you embark on the path of wellness, and things get worse before they get better. (This is one source of Chiron’s bad reputation.)

As we used to say in Miracle Manor, “Love brings up everything unlike itself,” and it’s likely you’ve brought to the surface — and let go of — many qualities that were unlike who you truly are.

One effect of Chiron has been to gradually get you to a place where you’re comfortable being different. Yes, everyone is unique, and most people struggle with their distinctions. Chiron pushes this issue like few other influences do. Subject matter involving distinction often goes to the level of an existential crisis.

Another effect is focus. Chiron’s presence is like dropping a lens in front of whatever it touches. This, too, describes why many people struggle with Chiron: they don’t quite like or accept what they are. Yet Chiron’s presence is gentle at first. If you rise to the occasion, Chiron rises with you. Gradually, with Chiron in your sign, you adapt your identity to the role of self-healer. Once Chiron leaves, you have the option to keep that identity, though some of the pressure comes off.

Two more subjects before we consider other elements of your astrology. If you have the Sun in Pisces, at some point during these years, Chiron made a conjunction to it (please see the table for approximate times of that transit). This has helped you with everything I’ve described above — particularly your ability to express yourself, though there’s one other factor: your father. Consider carefully where your relationship with him was in 2010, and where it is today. This counts even if your father is no longer in physical form on the planet; his memory, his energy, his presence, is still a factor in your life.

If you have Pisces rising, Chiron has crossed or is crossing your ascendant. This pulls focus on everything I’ve described, adding one particular point. One’s rising sign and the degree rising are often a point of aspiration. The rising sign is what we want to become, what we reach for, and how we present ourselves to the world. It’s not exactly “fake it till you make it,” but it’s somewhere that we can push and stretch into the idea of readiness as we become the person we want to be, and in truth always were inside. Chiron will push that process like few elements can.

Whether we’re talking about your Sun sign or your rising sign, the presence of Chiron has threaded the needle between your self and your self-concept. Later in this reading, we’ll come back to some of the other factors presently in Pisces, both in the long run and in your solar return chart.

The Transition Zone: Chiron in Pisces and Aries

Aries is to Pisces the 2nd house or place. If you are Pisces Sun, it’s your 2nd solar house; if you are Pisces rising, it’s your 2nd house. (Regardless of where your 2nd house cusp is, you can count Aries as your 2nd house using a very old method known as whole-sign houses, which is discussed in a special supplement.)

The 2nd covers two main themes: one’s personal resources, including talent and money, and one’s self-esteem. The two are closely related, so close as to be functionally the same thing.

Chiron is about to begin its path across your 2nd, which will focus these themes — though Aries has been the scene of some unusual astrology for the past seven years, and in particular, the past two years. To understand this, it’s necessary to tune in to how certain transits last a long time, though they have peak moments — and you’ve just been through one.

A genuinely rare conjunction has taken place in your 2nd house, which is the Uranus-Eris conjunction in Aries. I will make some comments here that are more personally relevant to you, though I’ve written a great deal about this alignment in a series of articles going back to around 2015.

The Uranus-Eris conjunction involves two slow-moving planets that add up to revolution. They have many different expressions, though that’s the common ground. And the combination is potentially explosive. Eris is, for us, a permanent installation in Aries (spending a total of 120 years in that sign). Uranus moves faster, and arrived more recently — it made its entrance the day of the Fukushima disaster in 2011. For seven years it’s been in your 2nd house, instigating a transformation of your values and your relationship to money, and to your awareness of your attributes. And for much of that time, it’s been in a conjunction to Eris.

If Uranus has done its work, and if you have cooperated, you’ve experienced something of a transformation of your priorities — though, more significantly, of your self-worth. You have learned that you matter in some radical, new ways. If you haven’t noticed this, perhaps go back and retrace your steps from where you were eight or 10 years ago to where you are today.

There may have been some wild swings of fortune and also of your self-respect level. You may have had some challenging times. Yet your astrology describes the ways in which you’ve emerged with a new depth of confidence, which you’ve gained through many, many unpredictable experiences. That is really the only way to get it.

Much of this has involved finances, your professional development and how you connect your inner resources to creating revenue. This process will continue in many different ways.

In a way similar to Chiron in your sign, Uranus conjunct Eris has demanded that you not only accept your distinctions and differences, but that you work with them as a resource, even to the point of exploiting them.

Two changes are about to occur: Chiron will leave your sign and enter Aries, moving from the 1st house to the 2nd; and Uranus will leave Aries and enter Taurus, moving from your 2nd house of self-esteem and resources to your 3rd house of your ideas. You are well prepared for these changes. Indeed, much of what you’ve experienced the past two years has specifically been in preparation for your next burst of progress.

Saturn from Sagittarius to Capricorn

There continues to be a strong emphasis on your professional activities, though the focus moves to the social aspects of what you’re doing — concentrating your efforts less on developing your reputation, and more on capitalizing on it. If you play your cards right, use what you’ve learned, and add some shrewdness to your creativity, you can do very well for yourself in terms of developing your professional standing in a way fully integrated with your income potential.

Sagittarius, as mentioned, is your solar 10th house — responsibility and accountability, success and fame. From the end of 2014 to the end of 2017, you had Saturn moving across your 10th, which is one of the most ambitious transits of them all. The mix of Saturn and Sagittarius, however, can be uncomfortable — it can be stressful. That’s because Sagittarius wants to expand and explore, and Saturn wants to concentrate, structure and place limits. Yet the combination can be powerful.

This transit has come with meaningful lessons in dealing with external authority and gaining control over your life, as the primary authority figure to whom you answer. In the end, you’re the boss of your own affairs — and if you’re not, you might want to ask yourself who else is, and how they got to be that way.

Your current solar chart is suggesting that you get a solid sense of what you’ve accomplished in these years of Saturn in Sagittarius. There has been plenty, and in order to carry that balance forward into Saturn in Capricorn, you need to know what it is. I also suggest you do what I call a talent inventory, so that you understand what you’re capable of. Both Saturn’s move into Capricorn and Chiron’s move into Aries are urging you to take an integrated approach to your work. This means being in possession of all of your talents, all the time.

What you learned working in a flower shop is relevant to what you might be doing in the film industry; having been a taxi driver is related to managing a restaurant. For one thing, all human skills are transferable. All finance skills are transferable. Problem-solving skills are all transferable. The ability to manage a business is transferable. This is a matter of being aware of what you’re learning while you’re learning it, and remembering that there are not really “areas” of your life — there’s just your life.

If you’re doing something for work that you authentically believe is irrelevant, boring, useless or toxic, please stop. Make a plan and transition into something else. As long as you have energy and willingness, it’s never too late — especially with so much activity moving into Capricorn, your 11th solar house.

Social Influence: Living in the Public Eye

Saturn in Sagittarius and the 10th has done its part to bring you out into the open. Saturn in Capricorn and the 11th will help you establish a solid place in society, one you will probably inhabit and benefit from for many years. This transit lasts from late December 2017 through the transition of Saturn into Aquarius throughout 2020. In particular, 2020 includes many remarkable events that you must be prepared for. You have just under two years to do that, and you’ve also got a running start.

The 11th house is that of groups, organizations, social reality, the actual manifestations of your reputation, and one other thing — the financial rewards of your talents and your reputation. Capricorn inherently says this must be done in a structured way, if it’s going to be done at all. So, too, does the presence of Saturn here: the combination of Saturn and Capricorn is all about integrity.

Money flows toward structure; and if you work with that idea, you will see it’s true. Structure can mean many things, though mostly it describes some kind of organizational focus around the work that you do. It’s not easy for everyone to think this way, though you may pick up on it easily, if you haven’t already. The first thing I recommend to everyone who wants to succeed is to get help managing their taxes and finances. If you want to succeed above the sustenance level, I don’t consider this to be optional.

While Saturn in Sagittarius/10th is about taking responsibility and getting used to being seen for what you do, Saturn in Capricorn/11th is about carving out your niche. This is an image of grounded participation that develops over time.

Unlike Saturn in Sagittarius, where it’s necessary to stand out, Saturn in Capricorn for you adds the element of blending in and working with your community. You can emphasize the community aspects of anything that you do, and spend as much time as you can at casual social events, business functions and community events of any kind and basically work the room. Make sure you find out what everyone around you is doing, why they’re doing it, and how they’re doing. This is leadership on an informal level, about stitching yourself into the fabric of society.

Two other planets will be transiting Capricorn, which began this year and will last for many years to come. One is Quaoar and the other is Pholus. I cover these in the most detail in the Libra reading. I’ll summarize what is generally true, and then focus some pointers on your situation, which is these planets moving through the 11th.

Both address family matters that might go as far back as ancient history. This is based on certain similarities of their myths. Quaoar is about the patterns that existed at the time we were born, and which we took for granted; we just dance to the music because that’s all we know. Quaoar in the 11th is encouraging you to keep a keen eye out for the way that social patterns in your life bear any resemblance whatsoever to those of your family of origin.

This will influence what some call “sexual politics” here in the extended era of politicized sex. The reason for this is a nearly endless meeting between Salacia in Aries — which rose to prominence as the #MeToo scandals unfolded — and Quaoar, the planet of family patterns. The two are nearly inseparable. Now both have moved onto the cardinal cross (the square goes from Aries to Capricorn, and involves the Aries Point; so it’s suddenly become extremely visible, as we are seeing).

This is a reminder to be aware of, and to work with, both the prevailing social politics (various PC campaigns) and what people are actually experiencing. While this might not be a focus or feature of your work, it can inform your point of view in ways that are truly helpful. You must be conscious of your reputation during this event (which is pretty much endless), though this can be done in subtle, pragmatic ways. Because Capricorn is involved, you must project exactly the image that you want, in a disciplined way. Make sure your medium matches your message. That means no false advertising, using sex or sexual imagery for gain in any way, or doing anything that lacks sexual integrity. This is a tall order in our society, I know — but you are up to it.

Centaur planet Pholus in Capricorn (also square Salacia) describes other matters related to community. Quoting David Bowie again, “Small moves mean a lot.” Try miniature or micro-scale experiments for your projects. Do market research in the form of trying your ideas out on five or 10 or 20 people and see how they respond. You can have influence with what seems to be modest, even tiny, ideas.

Pholus adds another social dimension: most of what it’s concerned with, on the mundane level, are issues of alcohol and alcoholism. These are much more serious problems than nearly anyone wants to admit, and they have cascade effects that cause many other issues — and also conceal things that could potentially be resolved. Anyone who has studied the actual issues around alcohol, or addressed any of them in their own life, knows this and knows it well.

The New York Times recently published an article called, “America, Can We Talk About Your Drinking?” It gave some numbers: 88,000 alcohol-related deaths per year in the United States; 50 percent increase in emergency room visits related to heavy drinking; cirrhosis on the rise since 2006.

In her Dec. 29 opinion piece, Gabrielle Glaser wrote,

Behind those figures there’s the personal toll — measured in relationships strained or broken, career goals not met and the many nights that college students can’t remember. In researching my 2013 book on women and drinking, and many articles on the topic since, I’ve spoken with hundreds of problem drinkers of all races. Most of the people I’ve spoken to were college-educated; it’s a sad fact that many people learn to drink excessively in college. I found that a lot of people lack physical symptoms of alcohol dependence but they think they are overdoing it, and they are worried.

This may not apply to you personally. You may be onto these issues. Yet you must beware of your environment. That might mean never drinking in public, or as the first politician I ever worked for would say, “Stay three drinks behind the crowd.” Three drinks! Isn’t that funny? Yeah, I really and truly recommend drinking, if you do, only in moderation, and only at home, to avoid the meekest possibility of a DUI encounter — these things happen to the nicest of people, and that’s just stupid.

Yet the wider caution is to be aware of those who drink. Before you hire someone or enter a partnership of any kind, do your best to get to the bottom of this (pardon the pub, or rather unintentional pun).

You need to maintain a high degree of control over your affairs, particularly where the public is concerned. That means associating with people you deem to be responsible, and giving everyone else the slip.

A Comment About Relationships

In my decades of service as an astrologer, I’ve grown leery of making too-detailed analyses where relationships are concerned. They are the most unpredictable matters in the human sphere, and the world is going insane. What I can suggest is that you listen to this interview with Kasia Urbaniak and take on board the problems she describes, and the solutions she proposes.

I feel confident making two comments, though. One is, know who you’re dealing with, and have the appropriate people in the appropriate roles in your life. There’s an ongoing message of specificity.

Second, hang out with people around whom you feel good about yourself. When you’re with the right crowd, or the right person, you will feel confident in yourself, and you will feel loved — and you’ll feel safe and secure in loving.

You don’t want the relationship that’s about “working out karma.” A hundred lifetimes of karma can be worked out passing someone in an elevator and being kind to them. You want the relationships that are about creation, celebration, food, sex, art and taking care of one another. So may it be.


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