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Welcome, Libra, to the Art of Becoming, your 2018 annual reading.

Here are the contents:

The Art of Becoming for Libra

But while
I breathe Heaven’s air, and Heaven looks down on me,
And smiles at my best meanings, I remain
Mistress of mine own self and mine own soul.

— Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Your chart for this year includes a conjunction of Mercury and the Sun. The conjunction will be exact in Virgo slightly before the Libra equinox, suggesting that it relates to deep material, associated with what you tend to conceal from others and yourself. Yet both points moving into your sign is an invitation to reveal your inner reality, and embrace it as a form of personal expression that strives to hide nothing from anyone, most particularly yourself and your partners.

The way to work with ideas and concepts for living is to become them. This becoming can include your words and actions, as well as your aesthetic expressions in art, music, dance, photography, prose or poetry. Expression is vital: it will teach you what you think, and who you are. It will help you become who you want to be.

Perhaps the greatest challenge you face this year is not getting wrapped up in the dramas of your family. They are probably lovely people and you’re crazy about them, and love them to pieces and all, though you’ll need to consciously ensure that they don’t drive you crazy and leave you in pieces.

You have your own agenda, your own desires, your own needs, and your chosen relationships. If you want to do those things, and be those things, you must get control over certain tangible facets of your life, including your emotional life. That clearly means bringing to an end certain things that have long called out for a firm conclusion and transition into something else.

The stars and planets are with you now. You are in a moment of finding your voice, your purpose, your piece of solid ground. Because this is happening to you in a time when society itself is in upheaval, you have a marvelous opportunity to do your own personal development work while coming into alignment with the wider movements of our culture. It’s always a blessing when that happens, and it happens rarely enough. It’s easy to feel left behind by major social changes. You are in a position to surf the wave.

In our current era, the idea of development is usually some abstract notion of “being a better person,” or succeeding in business. In the kitchen of the soul, I would say those things are on the level of the table and tablecloth, not the cutting board or the knives, much less the food.

The core of your process, fortunately, involves something tangible and physical: the structure that you live in. By that I mean your home, apartment or bedroom. There is a specific geographic reference, in your astrology, to what is your dwelling place. Borrowing from feminist pioneer Virginia Woolf (1882-1941), you need a room of your own.

Then there is the structure of time — one of the most important structures we live within. The questions your chart is asking are largely regarding the influence of the past upon the present.

For a decade now, the influence of Pluto in your chart has led you to be increasingly emotionally independent. Pluto was the first of the present long-term visitors to arrive, though it’s been around so long it’s now a part of the background of your life. It will soon move back into the foreground.

To the extent you have succeeded at gaining your emotional independence, you’ve usually done so in internal ways — and incremental. You prefer to move gradually, and to avoid making bad decisions. And gradually you have moved, at times painstakingly so. This has led to various pressure buildups, some of which came to a head during notable astrological events of 2011-2014.

Recently, though, the need to make real changes — structural changes — has dawned on you. Much of your idea of change involves inner movement; yet at a certain point, taking control of your physical environment is essential. This is about both designing your own sense of security, and providing a space for your life’s work. Yet any outer expressions will be both a sign of your inner progress, and also an effort to design your future, and grow into it.

Yet while physical change is vital to your growth, your transits go deeper — into the realm of profound discovery. You are being called to do what some call ancestral work. Part of this is biographical; it’s interesting to find out who all those people were, to the extent that you can. But most of it is about healing the pain that’s been passed down to you through the generations.

Family and Its Influence

Everyone has seen, more or less consciously, how conditions related to one’s family of origin manifest in one-on-one relationships. This will take high focus. At the end of these transits, or by the time they’re halfway through, you will be qualified for a family therapy degree from Stanford. These are some long transits; the very shortest of the most important ones lasts about two more years. Others last between nine and 20 years. You are in a new phase of your life, which will call for mastering new skills, the most important of which is radical self-awareness.

In attempting to subvert the power that people close to you seem to have, it would help if you didn’t identify so closely with your relationships. This is about individuation, personhood, self-actualization or whatever you want to call it. You must be your own person, and that almost always means not being the person others expect you to be. Most people have little clue what this actually means, so invested are they in their intimate partnerships and their familial relationships.

Without those things, I reckon the majority of people would feel lost and without purpose. And that’s the heart of the matter. Yet many people feel a kind of pressure and stress because they just need more freedom. They need more room to breathe. If you’re feeling that way now, take note, and know that your astrology is describing just that.

I’m not suggesting you cut ties with everyone and join Scientology, or take that job at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Rather, your astrology describes one of two general possibilities: one is that you get drawn into everyone else’s life and live on their terms; the other is that you get some perspective, develop yourself as a full-time, fully conscious vocation, and learn how to relate to people on your terms and not theirs. As you negotiate your terms, and claim your space and your time, and your own worldview, you will feel what it’s like to distinguish yourself from others.

If this is going well, it will feel difficult. There will be a challenge involved. You will be compelled to experience and look at things you have preferred to avoid or sidestep, or that have been dormant, only to bubble to the surface every few years. Your chart is describing making fundamental changes to the structure of your life and of your consciousness, such that you build your house on your foundation.

It’s true that you bear the DNA of your ancestors (though if you’re adopted, they might not be your blood relatives, a topic I’ll focus on later in this essay). They cannot un-become your relatives any more than you can un-become theirs. However, humans — who have a rare capacity and need for individuation — tend to feed emotional and psychological dependency to the point of being self-destructive.

Even if that’s not quite happening, family issues tend to be frustrating and confounding for people. There’s just this awareness we have that we’re dragging something along, some connection or karma or burden, that’s not really ours.

Yet the culturally ingrained public relations position is that family is supreme and central, and this is supported by facts of neurology that give our relatives power over us that seems almost mystical, or at least deeply mysterious. I hear from many people how frustrating this is; most people experience it as much larger than themselves.

As for intimate relationships, many people are at the point where they wish they just didn’t have to deal with them, though they need whatever benefits they get; and sometimes there is genuine love. Other times there’s a strange dance that’s a blend of love, guilt and attachment, and that can consume vast amounts of time and energy while granting little in the way of rewards and emotional satisfaction. Yet most people I’ve met have no idea how to shift this — or if they do, often the things lacking are courage and skill. Even more significant is the fear of being alone.

There’s a whole cluster of transits that describe your family scenario: how deep it goes, what the issues are both environmentally and psychologically, what the binding is made out of, and what you can do about them. Over the past two months, you’ve been given an advanced astrological toolkit to unravel these matters.

Then, there’s a cluster of transits that describes changes to your intimate partnerships, offering you the opportunity to make deep, genuine changes. This is not about any one relationship but rather the basis of all your relationships. Said another way, this is not about the figures but rather the ground beneath and behind them, and that ground is you.

Whether you’re happy with your relationships or not, your astrology describes these changes vividly; and in some way, sooner or later, you will respond.

If there’s a cost to this response, it will be some reckoning with how you may have invested your time and emotional resources over the years. It will help if you have a philosophy of life that includes growth being a primary purpose for your being here on Earth, and using important spiritual resources like learning from events in a way that does not make you cynical.

The relationship-oriented transits will help you heal every hurt you’ve experienced in this lifetime, and the family-oriented ones will help you resolve material going back generations. Let’s take the family transits first.

Saturn in Capricorn

An astrologer using only traditional planets will be seeing Saturn’s entry into Capricorn as your most important transit this year. On one level that’s true, though many other planets, more recently discovered, get in on the act.

Like your sign, Capricorn is a cardinal sign, so Saturn’s ingress is especially meaningful. Libra is ruled by Venus, but Saturn is exalted in Libra; this suggests that Saturn is a stand-in (properly, a significator) for you in your chart. So this is about you taking action.

Capricorn, as the 4th sign from Libra, is your 4th solar house (which I’ll also refer to as 4th place, an old way to say house). The 4th is the primary place we look for information about family of origin, childhood environment, and how it influences your feeling of security as an adult. The 4th has a special affinity with father, while Capricorn often resonates with both parents. So your 4th will give us a lot of information, which could apply to either side of the family. However, I suggest you pay special attention to matters related to your father.

Capricorn on the 4th reminds me of the calcium group of remedies in homeopathy (mainly, calcarium carbonium or calc carb). The primary (or chronic) state of this remedy is a need for shelter, structure and security associated with the protection of father. The acute state is eruptions that affect the skin (belladonna) which spring up and then tend to go away as fast as they appeared. So the situation can be described as a long, drawn-out life process that has you looking for secure situations, mixed with eruptions or outbursts that might feel like anger, heat or inflammation, particularly of the skin (or surface level).

The eruptions seem like the issue. Really, they are the expression of something deeper, and that something deeper is what you’re after.

So, Saturn in the 4th is a return to your roots, so that you can go deep and see what’s going on; and then begin the process of making changes. Remember that Saturn is the quickest of the transits to this house. Several others last many years longer. The time you want to do most of the work is this year and next. And though Saturn represents the kind of changes you make incrementally, there’s a cue to get moving and address what comes up when it comes up.

While Saturn is often seen as the planet of things stuck, and of what divides and separates, nothing facilitates change or knocking down boundaries like Saturn does. And it has the added benefit of helping you restructure.

In practical terms, this looks like a few different things. One is physically traveling to your ancestral homes, whether you have family there or not. Touch the ground, look at the scenery, explore and feel the places involved. Another is digging up artifacts of your past and investigating what they mean to you, and how you feel handling them. This might also include going to the graves of your ancestors, and hanging out there for a while, listening for any messages that come through.

On the human level, you are being called to confront people as the adult you are now, not the child you once were. This can be subtle, until it’s not. It can be slippery, until you get a grip. You may feel like you’re being too big for your britches, particularly if others are not fully recognizing your adult agency and independence. Note that this is not primarily topical; it’s structural, on the level of emotional structure. So this transit will influence who you want to talk to and when, as well as what you do on holidays, and how you process the whole concept of obligation.

Here’s the thing: Saturn will first encourage, and then compel, the changes you need to make. They’re likely to be the ones that you have delayed, and which have come up on a fairly regular basis: for example, between 2001 and 2005, and then again around 2009, with a series of peaks through 2014. In the spirit of calcium-belladonna, the issues seem to go away, then they spring up, then they go away.

Households and Housemates Are Covered in This Transit

Saturn’s influence will reach into everything that you consider a living space, whether it’s involved with your family of origin or not. So you may find yourself making adjustments to your home, which I suggest begin with establishing a room of your own. Use the clearing power of Saturn to open the space, and the boundary-setting power of Saturn to define it as yours. This must include time to be in that space.

Saturn transiting the 4th is one of the clearest signals that it’s time for a new space, rather than, say, renovating the one you have. However, rearranging things (such as a temporary move; or experimenting with your bedroom furniture, or what room has what function) can provide some immediate relief and also give you some practice making adjustments and seeing the benefits.

In questioning physical living spaces and family patterns, you will need to check into whom you’re living with. Many people live with housemates these days, due to economic necessity. You may decide that it’s necessary to step beyond that, which may mean taking a small place of your own, or figuring out how to earn enough money to improve your living space and still live within your means.

Fortunately, you are in a phase of financial restructuring (Uranus in Taurus). While you’re making financial changes, it’s a good idea to think about the future, where you’re headed and how you want to live.

If you’re feeling pressure to make those changes, or have this sense that the walls are closing in, pay attention. If you feel anything coming from Saturn, it’s best to act on it sooner rather than later, the better to preserve your long-term options. Saturn has made the major moves it needs to make, to have provided you with both information and fair warning.

Pholus and Quaoar in Capricorn: Deep Family Patterns

Two other major factors are now present in your 4th, which will fill in the deeper, more psychological and karmic levels of the family aspect of your life. One is Pholus, a slow-mover, which contains specific directions to look at the three generations before your own. And then there’s Quaoar, a very slow mover, which can take you back to whatever you consider your tribal or cosmic origin.

For most growth purposes, three generations does the trick. Pholus will provide plenty of information. However, Pholus and Quaoar have entered your 4th place in a conjunction, which means they are working collaboratively as one entity. They will influence and modify one another in interesting ways, often pointing to the same thing. However, you’re likely to have context available on what those three generations were thinking and feeling, as relates to their deeper origins.

To give a mundane example, how does your Polish-American family feel about its deeper origins in Eastern Europe? If they’re Jewish, what’s the family’s relationship to the deeper, wider Jewish tribe and its history?

This is the kind of astrology that could have you doing not just genealogical research, but also anthropological research about what your eldest relatives think and feel about their own lives and about family history.

Let’s take these one at a time, and consider how they may work together. That’s usually the best way to handle a conjunction.

Pholus in Capricorn and the 4th

Pholus is the second-discovered centaur planet, spotted in 1992. It has two main structural properties: the uncontrollable release (anything from rage to a nuclear meltdown); and the small cause with a big effect (the catalyst, the homeopathic remedy, the drop that spills the cup, the straw that breaks the camel’s back).

Pholus is presently in Capricorn, which for you is the 4th house. The 4th is one of the most important houses, as it can trace a situation back into the past, in documentable ways. This corresponds to the opposite 10th house, which traces accountability all the way to the top. The 4th in traditional astrology is the “ancient house of fathers,” and it can have a strong resonance with the male lineage, the patrilineal line, or the patriarchy. Themes involving mother, though, can show up, including a mother’s allegiance to the patrilineal line and its members.

Additionally, the 4th can represent “the end of the matter,” and transits there describe the ways to bring things to a close or resolution. Therefore, it’s worth watching the 4th house carefully — especially when Saturn or centaur planets are there. Note that all centaurs can address ancestral material and its healing.

In terms of subject matter, Pholus speaks to family material in that it references what is the common property of the tribe, though incorrectly taken as personal property. This may reference any form of inheritance, from a financial fortune to alcoholism. Discovering inheritance referenced by Pholus will probably be available by studying the prior three generations — that is, what is typically “known memory.” We don’t need folklore to know about those generations. Most of the signs will be available. However, it’s also worth checking what the “common property of the tribe” is, and taking that back into some deeper context.

This might reference some common grief, a way of life, and — very often — a problem like alcoholism. With alcohol, however, it’s necessary to look carefully at what exactly it’s suppressing, and that will usually help you get to the level of common grief, suppressed rage, suppressed sexuality, and whatever lies beneath those things.

There’s one more matter that Pholus addresses society-wide, which reaches right into this transit for you personally. This is the extent of sexual abuse in families. You may or may not be aware of a sexual abuse problem in your family. From the look of things, this does influence a large number of families. Often the issue is suppressed, denied, or otherwise kept secret. While sexual abuse is more properly in the realm of centaur Nessus, Pholus can describe any deep matter that influences the family line, particularly located so personally in your chart, as it is.

The family is the authoritarian miniature state or corporation. Generally, the purpose of the family is to prepare its members to be good citizens. Being a “responsible parent” means being a good citizen (acting lawfully, holding down a job, paying taxes and so on), and this implies citizenship that’s both corporate and national. We are now witnessing a vast and unconscionable display of sexual misconduct in society. This must have an origin, and it’s worth testing the theory that the origin is within the family.

The generations are much closer than we tend to think; there’s not as much “generation loss” as one might believe, such as with sending a fax around the world over and over again. The common pain of families is passed around like wine at a holiday gathering. And we are dragging around a lot of karma from the past. I have reason to believe that most of our problems are based in the past; they are not based on individual karma or distinctly our own.

One message here is that we cannot really change our inheritance, but we can decide what to do with it. To some extent we can decide what to take on or accept. We can, if we want, give certain things back. And we can make efforts that help us rectify problems in such a way that reaches into the past (true ancestral work) — though here, we’re in the realm of the shamanic.

On the most basic level, values, practices and attitudes around alcohol are essential to watch. As we know from recovery movements and the psychology of recovery, alcohol is associated with suppressed grief, toxic shame (“the shame that binds you”) and self-esteem issues. Pholus provides an awareness-raising resource to help you address these matters.

Be aware that once you begin to address any family issues prompted by Pholus, you may discover there’s a seemingly endless stream of material that comes out. You must be ready to really engage a healing process that lasts a while and has unexpected turns, whether you want to consciously or not: the transit has arrived, and for many reasons, it will continue to build momentum (see section on Chiron and Salacia).

Quaoar: the Origin of the Tribe and its Dance

The central image in the myth of Quaoar (probably pronounced quay-ARE) — the creator god of the Tongva people — related to the Aztecs, who once inhabited the Los Angeles area — is of dancing the universe into existence.

Without going into too much detail, on the most basic level Quaoar represents the music the tribe was making, and the dance the tribe was doing, at the time you were born into it. The myth is dramatized in a process of music and dance.

In my view, Quaoar is “the way things always were,” in your perception, because that’s what all the adults and older kids in your family were doing at the time you were born. You have to learn this dance and melody to get along with the tribe. For some that’s easy and for some it’s so difficult they never get it.

The thing it’s essential to question is this mindless acceptance of “the way things always were.” When Quaoar shows up for you, that’s the time to question mindfully what assumptions you were given.

Another angle on Quaoar is the origin of the tribe. This might mean the tribes who trace their history back to the Pleiades or Ursa Major; or more commonly, Irish Americans who trace their immigration history back to the Mother Country and still honor their Celtic roots. It includes all manner of material of the ilk, “This is who we are, because we are Jewish” (and Moses taught us…), including family traditions that are taken for granted. The idea with Quaoar is not to take for granted what everyone else does. That starts with noticing what’s taken for granted, and then questioning it.

In Capricorn and the 4th, this would cover all topics related to the structure of the family. What is the supposedly “correct” structure, and what is “incorrect”? What are or were the expectations on marriage, having children, honoring elders, and the notion of maturity?

Pholus Conjunct Quaoar

We now have these two planets working in concert, right on your family angle. Both point to the distant past. This is really a fascinating conjunction, and it will lead many people to attempt to get to the roots of matters. This is especially timely for you. Given that these points will be in a long conjunction, you will have time to work on it, and you’ll be taken ever deeper if you do.

Because these two points are moving at close to the same speed, there will be 18 exact conjunctions between 2022 and 2030; there will be a series of near-miss (nearly exact) conjunctions between now and 2022; and a long series of near-misses between 2031 and 2063. That is crazy — one of the longest-lasting conjunctions I’ve ever seen. That’s what happens here in the age of new-planet discoveries.

So, we will be living with this conjunction for the foreseeable future and beyond. To me this suggests an exploration of the roots of our corporate-state culture and its influence on us. The way we will know Pholus is involved is that once a tap is opened, it will keep gushing. There will seem to be no stopping it.

Uranus and QB1 in Taurus

Before we get to the main event — the Chiron-Salacia conjunction in Aries — let’s consider Uranus in Taurus, which is joining a somewhat obscure discovery, 1992 QB1. Uranus was the first planet discovered by science. QB1 was the first planet discovered in our solar system beyond Pluto, and hence is the discovery of the Kuiper Belt. Few have written about QB1 though I have an article here.

One of the dominant themes of your chart is independence, and Uranus in Taurus, moving through your 8th house of shared finances. Uranus is about liberation, and both the 8th and Taurus are about money. You might think of this as a transit describing divestment from what does not work for you, and some unusual innovation in what does work, or on your own.

This is a form of motivation that you can use as a resource. There are other useful properties here, such as the image of groups of investors or participants in financial projects. This is a seven-year transit, and you will experience a transformation in your financial structure over that time, particularly where dependencies on others are concerned. This is about recognizing the extent to which financial freedom is emotional freedom.

There’s another dimension to the 8th, which is sexual. The “shared resources” angle of this house manifests as sharing this thing known as your sexuality. Here, we see an angle on the Libran investment in relationships: Taurus is about personal resources, and you’re “all in” with this sign aligning with your 8th. However, Uranus will help you shift that, and take a more — shall we say, diversified — view of sexuality and relationships.

Uranus joins a slow-mover that’s been hanging around your 8th for a couple of years: the aforementioned 1992 QB1. The essence of QB1 is gentle transformation that’s not strictly based on the death concept. More often, QB1 guides one toward sexual transformation, which fits the theme of this transit beautifully. We could say that the conjunction of these two points (which begins when Uranus enters Taurus in May, and then peaks from 2020 though 2022) is about transformation through sexual healing.

This will help you focus on certain sensitive points of relationship, such as possessiveness and jealousy, though the real rewards are to be found on the other side of those emotions. It will help if you make a study of them between now and the time this aspect peaks, and take every opportunity you can find to test some new approaches and new theories. The approach described by this alignment will be pleasure-centered. For example, I am not talking about “overcoming jealousy” but rather considering and experiencing compersion — pleasure derived from the pleasure of others. The jealousy-to-compersion journey involves addressing surrender and death, though in a gentler way than being backed against a wall.

The difference is consensual, voluntary surrender rather than enforced growth. The more you acknowledge the transformations you want, the easier it will be to encounter the experiences that help you find them.

It will be necessary, to some real degree, to consider the structure of your relationships — which includes the rules of sexual engagement, the power of money, and where the two intersect. You may learn things about the origins of your expectations from your 4th house study of Capricorn transits. That exploration will provide you with a level of knowledge and history. Taurus is where you take action in the most immediate sense of your contacts with others, and the rules and agreements by which they happen.

Where Uranus meets sexuality, one potential experiment may involve sex in groups. A surprising number of people are curious about this; many have tried it. The discussion could come up, and even the potential to explore. Borrowing from tantric wisdom, that is safe, as long as all hearts present are open.

There may be other similar expressions, such as experiments in non-monogamy. It’s vital that you proceed in any such journeys with essential information. The most ready reference is a book called The Ethical Slut.

Chirotica (Speaking of Sex and Relationships)

Let’s save the most interesting and potentially profound transit for last, Chiron. To sum up in one sentence: You are about to embark on a nine-year, all-encompassing, holistic healing process in your relationships and sexuality.

But first, a point of background: We are often told that Libra is the sign of relationships; theosophical author Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949) says in Esoteric Astrology that it’s the most important sign to understand sex. Most would say this is because it’s ruled by Venus, which is a good start; though there’s something else.

I have another theory: Libra as the 1st house puts Aries on the 7th, the relationship angle. Aries is where we tend to seek ourselves — wherever it falls in the chart — and for you, that’s in your one-on-one partnerships.

Soon Chiron will enter this house, and after a brief transition, spend nine years working its way across it. The 7th is where all matters of partnership arise, from intimate ones, to business, to open enmity. The 7th is the most prominent house in a chart besides the 1st; or said another way, your opposite sign is part of your sign.

The 7th can be described as the “zone of projection.” Imagine yourself standing on your ascendant; which is to say, standing on the Earth, facing west, into the relationship zone of the chart. You are looking out at the world, though in astrology this is also world-as-mirror.

If you look closely at relationships, it becomes difficult to sort out what is perception of the other, and what is projection onto the other. However, A Course in Miracles sorts this out in one idea: projection makes perception. That is, all perception is a form of projection. And this must be sorted out for the sake of sanity; it is possible to gain something akin to “true perception,” though it takes work.

Chiron moving across your 7th house is going to place a lens on your relationships, to help you see them for what they are. Every other factor I’ve described in this reading could be a factor in your intimate partnerships, and Chiron — a utility for focusing awareness, for healing and for growth — is here to help.

Do not be dismayed if Chiron’s presence, at first, points out the seeming flaws in how you’ve handled your relationships. The happy learner doesn’t feel guilty or ashamed about learning. Be grateful you’re getting the feedback from your environment that you need, as it comes in. Use what you know: take the information you get, compare it to what you believed in the past, and make the decisions you need to make.

Chiron will take no prisoners where pointing out things like toxic codependency is concerned. He will point out any form of abuse in a bold fashion. He is the master of the obvious, and then of the sublime. The basic method of Chiron is to drop clear hints first, and if those hints are not acted upon, they will grow in intensity. If you take the hints earlier, Chiron will seem more like the compassionate teacher of wisdom and transformation that he is.

This transit will be a slow phase-in. Phase one of that phase-in will occur over the next year, as Chiron makes its transition out of Pisces (which is worth a careful review; I will have that in your birthday reading).

The second phase will involve Chiron making a conjunction to a planet already lodged in Aries, your 7th place, called Salacia. This is an object orbiting right beyond Pluto. The presence of Salacia on the Aries Point over the past year certainly has provoked a reckoning with what I will call the sexual environment. Or at least this has the potential to be the beginning of one. And it certainly will be for you.

I don’t have a full delineation of Salacia yet. We will get that as the Chiron-Salacia conjunction develops over the next couple of years. At least we can see that it will pull the questions of sexuality into focus — though be aware, these are matters that are usually subverted, stuffed, denied or hidden. They are avoided because they are allegedly embarrassing, or because sex allegedly has no appeal anymore, or it’s been a disappointment. Chiron will have no part in those denials; what he represents is the antithesis of denial.

All questions of sex are questions of creativity. Sex describes genesis in all of its forms, from an idea to a litter of puppies to Einstein to Kate Bush. All that we see is the result of sex; and the erotic impulse, instinct or intuition is direct guidance in the way of creation. It helps to be in harmony with sex, which relates to the power and meaning of love. Chiron will be present to help remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence.

Of all the things that have been said about Chiron in the 7th, one stands out, from Barbara Hand Clow’s book. She said that someday if UFOs land on the White House lawn, we should send someone with Chiron on the 7th to speak with them, because people with this placement can communicate with anyone. That would be a fine start. And since you are the message, all you need to do is be yourself.


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