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Illustration by Lia Simone.

Welcome, Capricorn, to the Art of Becoming, your 2018 annual reading.

Here are the contents:

The Art of Becoming for Capricorn

“Disobedience, in the eyes of any one who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.”

— Oscar Wilde

You’re in the process of finding yourself. But you don’t have to look everywhere. You only have to look where you are, and when you are, which is now. Yet context is vitally important: a sense of where you’ve been, and where you want to go. So we could say that you need to live in the moment, framed with a concept of time, which is well enough suited to your nature.

You may have searched many places and in many ways the past few years that Saturn was in Sagittarius, exploring the cosmos (conjunct the Galactic Center, for example) and doing a disappearing act: the one where you thought you lost track of who you are and why you’re alive, but not the feeling.

The potential of having gone missing is Sagittarius being your 12th solar house, the place where things (in this case you) can tend to disappear, get waylaid, or be stashed for safekeeping. Large planets in the 12th cause pressure, which can manifest as anxiety, or the lurking feeling that you’re spending your life walking along the edge of a cliff.

Stereotypically, most astrologers would not describe Saturn entering one’s sign as cause for celebration; it is for you. Saturn left Sagittarius and entered Capricorn on Dec. 19, which lasts another two years. Saturn in Cap is good news for everyone: it helps to have Saturn in a sign that it rules. For you, this is likely to feel like an enormous relief, several different ways. First, Saturn in the 12th is challenging, especially for someone born under a Saturn-ruled sign. The ingress into Capricorn felt like pressure coming off — pressure that you might have to go back and remember the feeling of. The sensation of 12th-house transits can evaporate the moment they are over.

Second, the entry of Saturn into your sign has the feeling of being completed, or strengthened, or like some key element of your integrity has returned. You have all your resources to work with.

Saturn was not the only planet to enter your sign. Two others followed soon after: smaller, slower-moving, more distant and in some ways more potent points, both involved with matters of legacy and family — Pholus and Quaoar. I will treat those in their own section, as they relate to another important transit, Chiron entering Aries.

One theme of your charts these days and for the foreseeable future is the connection between your sign and Aries, which is your solar 4th house (or 4th by whole signs, for Capricorn rising folks). Again and again the theme of family arises, which is a reminder to understand and address your family background and your ancestors, your relationship to your past, and your relationship to your living relatives. With this would ideally come a study of your present household, particularly if you have children still living at home.

You are in a position to interrupt certain patterns that have been passed down the line from the very distant past, though this will be above all else a consciousness-raising experience, and Chiron will lead the way.

Pluto and Chiron: Background

Before we dive into your new transits for 2018 through 2020 and beyond, there are two helpful points of background to be aware of.

One is that Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. This subject has dropped off the radar of most discussions, though the transit is only a bit more than half over. It’s still having new manifestations, and it will come into the spotlight again in late 2019 when Saturn approaches its rare conjunction to Pluto in your sign (that happens in January 2020).

Capricorn is usually the go-to sign for ideas of stability: the stalwart, blue chip institutions of society. Of the earthy element, Capricorn represents mountains, canyons and caves, which seem remarkably persistent. But if you were to take Geology 101, you would find out that they are all in constant motion. The land is being thrust around by tectonic forces and worn away by the elements, every minute of every day.

Then there are the faster-moving events, such as earthquakes, which can restructure the landscape visibly in a few moments. That has been the effect of Pluto in Capricorn, which seemed much more pronounced at first: in public life, the first manifestation was the subprime mortgage crisis (documented in the film The Big Short), the collapse of banks and insurance companies, followed by the Great Recession and a partial restructuring of some of those institutions.

Anything that can have effects like that in society would have some noticeable influence in your life. The feeling of Pluto in one’s sign is waking up every day to face the necessity of some other change. There’s the constant pressure to grow, to evolve and to become — and in true Pluto style, the old structures and their debris must be cleared out of the way.

On the shadowy side of this transit is the obsession with power, which is best to condition yourself out of. You want the power to grow, of course, and to make changes; in reality that would be plenty. It’s when you start to want undue power over the lives of others, and over the material world, that Pluto can represent an unhealthy fixation.

The first peak of this transit lasted from 2012 through 2014 (with noticeable effects beginning in early 2011, and late effects still visible now), when Pluto made a series of squares to Uranus in Aries. Maybe these dates ring a bell:


Thanks to Pluto’s presence, Capricorn has become the focal point of change rather than of stability. The process of change has in some ways faded to the background, though it’s still working just fine. Society’s institutions are more fragile than we think, and you have been rendered more flexible than you have been at any previous time of your life.

There’s one more transit to check in with, one that’s seemingly in the distant past — Chiron passing through Capricorn. This occurred between late 2001 (shortly after the 9/11 incident) and early 2005. If you study and consider the changes in your life at that time, you will find the events, discoveries and revelations of that era to be relevant to what you’re going through today. Events of 2004 have a parallel reality to those of 2018. Consider what you resolved to heal and change at that time, and you will have an idea of what you can do for yourself today. As I said at the time, Chiron in Capricorn set an agenda for Pluto in Capricorn, and also presented an opportunity to do the work early. That emphasizes the question: what were you doing in those days, what did you want, and how did you feel about yourself?

If those immediate post-9/11 years could be seen as a “before and after” turning point, how would you describe that?

From the Galactic Core to Sea-Goat Ocean

The natural habitat of the mythic Capricorn, the sea-goat, might be something like prehistoric Lake Lahontan, a vast inland sea that surrounded several mountain ranges: a huge expanse of water with mountains thrusting out of it.

Such a place existed in northern Nevada more than 10,000 years ago. This was not your ordinary inland sea, like the Mediterranean or the Gulf of Mexico. It was a hybrid aquatic and mountainous terrain.


Map of ancient Lake Lahontan in Nevada.

Ancient Lake Lahontan, now the site of Burning Man, surrounded and engulfed many mountain ranges, interconnected in an organic, maze-like pattern. You need the complex mix of water and land; you need mountains and deep water. You need places to hide, and places to come into the open. Places to bring your whole body on land, and dry out for a while, and the opportunity to go deep under, like the Loch Ness monster. Water is essential but you are primarily an earthy being, which is why vast inland lakes suit you better than the sea.

There are other kinds of ocean — for example, the cosmic kind. You have just been through one of those, as Saturn has traversed Sagittarius, your solar 12th house (this is described in detail in the Sagittarius chapter).

Saturn recently transited the Galactic Core, forming a series of three conjunctions to the heart of the Milky Way in 2017. This was an initiation for all of society and, specifically, an initiation for you. This may have felt like one of those bizarre scenes at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey, where time ceases to act normally. If this transit did its work, and if you cooperated, you have taken a profound step in your spiritual development, which it is now time to put into concrete action.

The feeling of Saturn in Sagittarius, your solar 12th house, was akin to having gone missing or feeling lost. This can be an odd sensation, somewhat like looking for your glasses while you’re wearing them, only you’re looking for yourself. Yet that process of seeking precipitates some intense learning, through direct experience you might embark on in response to the sensation of seeking yourself. Notably, Saturn was one of many planets in Sagittarius, and just one of three that’s making the transition from the 12th house into Capricorn, your 1st solar house or point of orientation. So you may be finding feelings and awareness you didn’t notice were gone.

You might say that Saturn arriving in your sign is the opportunity to stand on solid land after your trip across the galaxy. That solid land is a metaphor for a tangible experience of yourself, your existence, your being. You may have searched for yourself many ways in many places, and in many people, frustrated that you could not find the very being that you are and that you possess.

The Challenge of Saturn in Capricorn

Being fully present within yourself, and for yourself, is the challenge of Saturn in Capricorn. This is challenging because society is having a wide-scale out-of-body experience. Saturn in Capricorn for you is about being fully incarnated. This is a challenge in almost any era of modern history, though particularly so in the age of electricity, which serves to induce a world of fantasy, where night is turned to day.

Wherever you may have the Sun placed in Capricorn (or whatever degree of Capricorn you may have rising), Saturn’s arrival in Capricorn is activating all that your 1st house represents, which is primarily your sense of self. It helps (in the sense of setting a clear agenda) that there are numerous important transits involving your sign, associated with Saturn’s arrival.

Saturn shows up with a set of instructions. It’s time to move from the general to the specific: from being satisfied with a notion of what you’re called to do, to understanding the exact ways you will follow your calling. You have specific work to do; specific things to learn; specific discoveries to make. It’s time to focus those.

At times this might feel like commitment to the exclusion of all else. That’s just fine: go with it, to the extent that you can. You are, in a sense, learning how to learn, which means learning how to discover that new things are possible. You are learning how to focus on something long enough to gain basic competence, then take that with you, and begin interrelating it to everything else you know, as you develop your abilities. Never make the mistake of accepting you know enough about something just to get by; that’s not sufficient. Everything you do calls for a process of ongoing discovery, growth and gradual mastery.

No matter where it goes, Saturn emphasizes maturity and a mature approach to existence. In your 1st house, this factor is foregrounded greatly. Saturn also represents confronting one’s fear; in particular, the fear of making changes. And this point, too, stands out.

What’s so interesting about your chart is how few goals in the outer world are indicated. Rather, the specifics tend to involve your personal development, which is focused on a point in the not-so-distant future when your responsibilities will increase substantially. The personal development angle includes taking your life seriously, and rising to the occasion of both personal and professional challenges.

This transit presents specific issues here in the “sibling society,” where there are few actual adults. It presents issues in our world of glamour, where people are famous only for their image, not for what they have accomplished. And it presents issues in our time when success is supposed to be instantaneous rather than something that is earned and accrued over time.

Yet you should be aware that this transit is on a fairly short clock. By 2020, Saturn will be conjunct Pluto, and both will be making a square to Eris in Aries. While Saturn advises you to use your time well, in this case, that guidance is to proceed apace and to use time well by not wasting it; by keeping your priorities focused; and by defining personal development and “being a better person” as one concept, which is maturity.

Chiron, Pholus, Quaoar, Salacia: The Core Pattern

There are rare instances when minor planets align in such a way that can define an extended phase of time, and its growth agenda. While there is plenty happening with Saturn’s transit through your sign, there is deeper material.

Of these, the best-known transit — and the one that will get the most discussion — is Chiron entering Aries, a process that begins in April and will take about nine months to complete; then Chiron will be in Aries for the next nine years. Aries is a sign on the cardinal cross, the same one that Capricorn is on.

Wherever Aries lands in one’s chart is an important locus of identity. One seeks and often finds oneself there. You have Aries on the 4th house, which represents several interrelated subjects, starting with the family of origin and its environment. I describe the 4th as the conditions of the early family as they manifest later in life (little kids don’t usually get astrology readings, so the 4th tends to represent past influences). These, however, affect one’s concept of security; they describe the confidence level, and give a picture of a person’s emotional nature. In addition, the 4th shows tendencies for the current household, particularly as described by transits. And now you have one of those coming, in grand style: Chiron is about to make a long trip across your solar 4th house.

This is likely to provoke a diversity of confidence issues for you, and compel you to focus on what it means to be a person who is grounded in your own sense of security — which for you means being comfortable with who you are. Capricorn tends to have a strong level of outer confidence, though struggles somewhat inwardly. My take is this is about fearing that your image as a confident, able person is not always supported by your inner experience of yourself.

Chiron in Aries is part of an aspect pattern. This pattern involves a planet already in Aries, called Salacia, which seems to have provoked the revelations we’re calling the #MeToo movement. Salacia is not about abuse per se. On the Aries Point (the first degree of Aries) it can take on a political cast, and matters of criminality are the easiest way to politicize sex. This is something I suggest you avoid. Sexuality is being emphasized for you; however, the further you keep it from politics, the easier it will be to observe in the context of your personal confidence, and the easier it will be to understand the influences of your family on both your confidence and your sexual identity.

Though this is usually easy to avoid (even if the resulting problems are not), the Chiron-Salacia conjunction — which lasts for many years — will call this realm of growth into clear focus.

This process involves two small planets that have recently entered Capricorn and which will be there for many years. Both of these points involve family legacy. Pholus, a centaur (the second one discovered, after Chiron), describes collective issues that have lain dormant for years, which are released into the current environment and which must be addressed.

There are several central metaphors in the Pholus myth, though one is a vat of ancient wine given by Dionysus to the race of centaurs. It was collective property that was tapped for the benefit of one person, Heracles, who insisted on having some. From this action, a war ensues. A small cause has a big effect.

Here we see how the individual ego, in heroic mode, can unleash the furies, and cause a cascading sequence of events that include murder, mayhem and permanent disruptions to the social order. Though it’s not always possible to read the mythology of planets as a direct influence on the delineation, Pholus contains the caution to understand the role of alcohol on your family. Then that can be read wider to explore any legacy material that is passed down, only to have toxic effects at some point in the future.

What is considered the “province of the gods” that somehow all goes awry?

Quaoar, for its part, is an influence that addresses the family’s mythology about its existence. It’s not so much about the legacy material as it is about the notion of where we (who consider ourselves part of that we) all came from. All families and tribes tell stories of their origins. It might have been the harrowing trip across the sea on the slave ship or immigrant boat; surviving the Holocaust; how great-grandfather met great-grandmother, and so on.

Aboriginal tribes often have more interesting stories, such as “we came from the Pleiades.”

The question of Quaoar for you is a personal one: how do you trace your own lineage? This could be a combination of genetic, past life and karmic factors. Quaoar is saying it’s time to explore your story of how you got here.

The true legacy of how you and the family got here is sex. Can you imagine, at Christmas dinner, grandma and grandpa raising a toast to how we all fucked one another into being? That would be the plain truth. As part of that plain truth, you would need to reckon the truth about how sex makes families, and the attitudes and values that families perpetuate about sex. They are one and the same. This data is implied by Quaoar, and brought to the forefront much more boldly with Quaoar square Salacia in your house of family origin — Aries, the 4th.

Because Aries is the sign involved, the implication is that you vest a considerable portion of your identity into identification with your family or tribe. There is an inherent conflict here, in that most tribes want nothing to do with people who are actual individuals. Those people either become the shaman and are made to live at the edge of the village, or often they are outcasts — and these rules apply to contemporary, heavily tribalized society.

One of the qualities that makes an individual an individual is a distinctive understanding of their sexuality. This is partly why being gay has been so taboo in families, though this applies to all other attributes of sexuality, to a greater or lesser degree. In terms of one’s tribe, generally, everyone is forced to be a closet case.

Family Constellation and Walking on Coals

If you have wanted to do “family work” or “ancestral work” or “soul retrieval,” the requirements of actually embracing and living out your eroticism involve addressing all matters of the family constellation. Fully conscious sexuality delves into the realms of taboo, which are nearly all rooted in the family. This will take you deeper than the superficial approach that’s so often attempted, whether in therapy or spiritual process.

If there’s a “walk on coals” ritualistic aspect to this, it’s about the direct encounter with all shades and hues of shame and embarrassment as a prerequisite to healing and growth. These are the toxic residue applied to every child to bind and adhere them to certain rules of conduct, typically having little to do with sex per se, and nearly everything to do with suppressing curiosity, creativity, sense of self, energy level and willingness to relate openly to one’s environment — all of which originate from or relate to sex but are rarely understood as such. The first potentially shameful or embarrassing element to address is this very fact.

However, the most obvious and still somehow debatable connection between family and sexuality is that everyone fucked everyone else into existence. One’s adorable grandparents or wise, ancient great-grandparents are who they are because they fucked the clan into being. Many great minds have pondered how this got to be anything but green grass and sunshine, and the answer is: it was made to be that way. Sin is a contrivance, taught by religion, endorsed by the state Board of Regents, and often enforced at the point of a gun.

It should surprise nobody that some of the most unseemly and controversial aspects of society involve sex and sexuality, though it’s rarely turned around: the most helpful, meaningful and even radical elements of healing are accessed through addressing sex and sexuality. Obstacles exist, such as exceedingly few people being versed in this area, a general state of suspicion, mistrust and malaise, and society seeming to float on a reservoir of frustration, sexual anger and gender rage.

The scale of these problems wards off many. The depth to which they appear to be intractable is off-putting. It seems better to just live with the pressure, though that can never last for long. In a bizarre way, this is similar to the gun “debate.” It’s not really a debate in that the radical pro-gun-“rights” forces cannot allow any reason or rationality into the discussion. If they did, they would be subjecting themselves to that level of analysis — and no part of their argument would stand up to it.

Sex is also avoided as a discussion that’s in any way subject to reason or enhanced awareness. Were we to subject any part of society’s twisted sexual views to analysis, we would be in a position where we have to subject every facet of sexuality to analysis, and that would involve questioning everything, including warfare, capitalism and the way we conduct relationships.

I believe and have observed that unraveling sexuality begins with exploring embarrassment, because that casts the veil over all else that is forbidden.

This emotion holds a key to exploring existence within our society, and relating to your existence in a deeper way. Before you judge this, perhaps take part in an experiment. Notice anytime you feel embarrassment, or guide yourself away from doing something because you might be embarrassed doing so. Notice when your embarrassment involves the thought, or the reality, of any member of your family. Log those stories, with no need to analyze them yet. Just notice what is in motion, how you feel, and how you feel about stating how you feel. There will be plenty of information just in that small sampling of your responses.

Uranus in Taurus: The Body Electric

If you like the idea that current aspects seem to be conspiring to shake up your reality and awaken your curiosity about your core being, then you will love Uranus in Taurus.

Taurus is your 5th solar house if your Sun is in Capricorn, and your 5th house by whole-sign houses if you have Capricorn rising. As a fellow earthy sign, you have a natural resonance with Taurus, and these two signs have lots in common. The main difference is that Taurus leans more toward art and beauty, and Capricorn more toward practical matters. The two signs balance one another out this way.

The 5th house is one of the most exciting places in the chart — it’s the art studio. It’s all about how you like to have fun. Like your earthy Sun or rising sign, earthy Taurus suggests you prefer your fun to be physical rather than fantasy.

However, Taurus has two properties that can slow down progress in the 5th house, which at its best is driven by curiosity. One is that Taurus leans toward conservative: meaning reserved and less experimental, and driven by a degree of propriety. If you ever walk into a house and see Emily Post books on etiquette, you can guess that a Taurus lives there. Second, Taurus has a curiously mental quality, which can prevent physical action, despite the physical orientation of this sign.

However, these don’t have to be obstacles. You need to remember that nothing creative is born of hesitancy; and you need to do things, not think about thinking about doing them. Doing things means the potential to mess up or make a mess, and this is something that Taurus benefits from.

When Taurus is fully engaged, it becomes a creative force of unusual strength, endurance and originality, and this you have available to you. Uranus will inject energy into Taurus, and connect with the energy that’s already there, though below the surface. However, mixing Uranus and Taurus will push the “normal” (etiquette-loving) side of that sign into new territory.

Uranus is saying that it’s time to let yourself be weird. It’s time to experiment, to push some limits, to stop worrying how you might look or seem to others, and do what you’re motivated to do. This is known as experimenting, and exploring boundaries. You will benefit from Uranus helping you let go of your firm adherence to what is proper or what is expected of you — or what you think is expected. This will challenge the whole concept of appropriate.

Without going into a long dissertation, I suggest you consider the ways that this might tweak your family or “the family in your mind.”

There is a sexual dimension to the 5th, which is in many ways lost to society as we know it: sex for fun and creativity. At the moment, nearly all sex is processed through the 8th house, either as part of a committed relationship (including sex people don’t want to have but feel contractually obliged to provide), or as most sex that is transacted for money, including subscribing to it online.

The 5th is a celebration, and an exploration. It’s not about what is supposed to be correct. It’s more likely about what’s inappropriate or taboo. Putting it baldly, Uranus in the 5th house is kinky. Taurus likes to get physical, and Uranus will add some spice to that. As one born under the sign Capricorn, you are made to be a little devilish. You’re about more than your wool suit and impeccable CV. You have a naughty streak, and Uranus will bring it out.

If you start to find your way into the space where liberating your eroticism and liberating your creative flow intersect, you know you’re really doing this transit.

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius

Through the middle of the year, Mars will be retrograde in Aquarius. This is yet another transit that’s encouraging you to bring out your iconoclastic tendencies. First, let’s place the sign Aquarius into the map of your solar chart. It falls in the 2nd house, as the sign after yours. That makes it a direct extension of yourself, in the form of three things mainly: what you have, what you value, and your self-esteem.

Aquarius is the sign of groups. It’s also the sign of patterns, and getting yourself involved with them. While Aquarius is given all kinds of peace-and-love revolutionary interpretations, in practical reality, it’s deeply involved with conformity. The first group we get involved with is the family; so in your chart, the first thing to check for is whether you’re a little trapped in identifying with the values of your family — whether as a conscious choice, or as your default mode.

The patterning factor of Aquarius usually works below the level of full awareness, with people experiencing it humming along, thinking they’re being absolutely original.

On May 15, just moments after Uranus enters Taurus, Mars enters Aquarius. That equals Mars square Uranus, which will spark you into action. Mars will push you to stand up for what you believe in, and Uranus will push you to act on it.

Then when Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius on June 26, the emphasis shifts to deep questioning. You are likely to feel a deep need to unravel the way any of your beliefs is somehow in accordance with what someone else believes, or any need to have your values conform. The more willing you are to ask questions, the more the action of Mars will seem to be inquisitive rather than destructive. This is, however, a leave-no-stone-unturned kind of transit, one that’s likely to push you into examining all the patterns of your life.

There is a relationship between how you feel about yourself and what you think others expect of you. Be bold and honest about exploring this. Do not let guilt stop you; that’s the most likely mode of interference. The second most likely interference factor is thinking you will be cast out of the tribe if you do what is right for you.

One thing to bear in mind is the close association between Mars and Capricorn. While Mars is not the ruler of Cap (it rules Aries and Scorpio), Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which is like being honorary king. You might consider how Mars represents the true essence of who you are and what drives you, which is intention and desire.

So this meeting of Mars with your values, and the way others have influenced your values, is genuinely significant. Mars is not just about desire, though; it’s about action — acting on what is right for you. So imagine Mars exploring the various threads and interconnections of Aquarius, and going its own way by being retrograde; going into the past and determining when, exactly, you may have given up what you wanted the most; and most of all, challenging the notion that you must conform to someone else’s idea of what is right, to have approval.

I might be less emphatic about this if nearly every transit to your solar chart did not say the same thing: that you need to fully understand your connection to your family, and the ways in which you sacrifice your desires seemingly for the benefit of gaining anyone’s approval. This could, by extension, include any tribe you want to be part of. So one thing this transit will test is group dynamics in any form.

I recognize there may be some inherent difficulty in doing this. Part of the process will seem to happen on its own — when, for example, you may be asked, or told, to do things that contradict your values. Then you will get to decide what you want to do, and how you feel about your choice.

The Mars retrograde will proceed all the way back into your sign. So the implication is that this goes deeper than what you value, what you believe, what you have, or how you feel about yourself, and into some core experience of actual self. Inward is the direction of travel of this transit, deeper than your ideas and concepts, into who you actually are. Let yourself be pleasantly shocked by what you discover.

Then, you have the power to fully internalize that, claim it as your own, and cast off the surface layers. Through most of the remainder of the year, Mars will traverse Aquarius in direct motion, allowing you to re-establish your values in accordance with your actual understanding of who you are.

One Last Transit: Venus Retrograde

Capricorn, for all its alleged conservatism, is a saucy sign. One way we know this is that you have Scorpio aligned with the most public house in the chart, the 11th. This suggests that you know how different you are compared to most of the people you know, particularly in terms of your sexual mores. You are more likely to want to set the tone for the people around you than you are to want them to set it for you, though this is difficult due to the overwhelming pressure to conform and conceal.

In October, Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio. This will give you an opportunity to experiment with your public persona, and to come much closer to who you really are inside. You have the opportunity to explore how little you need to conceal, and how much you can reveal, without the whole world collapsing.

Yet you will need to tap into your true experience of self — rather than your self-concept — for this to work well. Fortunately, your experience of Mars retrograde comes long before, and you will be in a phase of establishing your values in accord with your true being rather than the rules of the game.

Your chart is saying the same thing over and over: you simply must be yourself. You will become sensitive to when you’re not being yourself because you will feel the pressure that you’ve been under, and you will decide you don’t like it. This implies that you will like it a lot better when you stay firmly rooted in your knowledge of who you are, and make no excuses whatsoever about acting on it.


Chart for Capricorn. Click image for full-size version. View glyph key here.


Hand-drawn chart for Capricorn. Click image for full-size version.

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  1. Jan Christensen says:

    Just watched Cap midyear…
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    I’m a ‘bring it on’ kinda soul and love how you speak to the challenges in such a positive way.
    Yay, Uranus in the 5th!

  2. Amy Welchez says:

    Incredible! As a Capricorn who has been demolished by Pluto and searching for myself for a long time, I cried so many times reading this. I feel like I have found a long lost piece of myself through your writings, today especially through The Art of Becoming. I feel hopeful and even inspired 🙂 Bravo Eric, you are brilliant, wise, and encouraging as always. Many thanks to you and the entire Planet Waves team for bringing this to life!!

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    Wow–what a reading! I have been struggling for years trying to find that part of me, the one with drive, ambition, fearless aspirations, vision and a mission. Where has this person gone to? Why is everything I do being sabotaged or not manifesting? It has been an elusive and mega frustrating game. I get in the spotlight, part of intense discussions and then nothing happens! Loss of focus, tend to go with the flow though every part of my being fights it and manifests in physical illness and hanging out with mediocre people doing mediocre stuff.
    Now it all makes sense with Sagitarrius! The disappearing, going missing, being waylaid. After this reading, I feel renewed, energized and hopeful. This came at a perfect time. Grazie mille Eric–you hit on the head again!!

  7. Deb says:

    The accuracy of your readings is so spot-on Eric. I am a Cap sun, Pisces Moon and Rising. Can you relate to me? Ha! Anyway, since 2009, I have been through divorce, sold a house, lived in 3 rental condos, moved to Australia from Canada and now live half the year in each country, have had 2 jobs where I soared and then bottomed out and am now retired by choice and am with a new partner…Oh, and had my daughter tell me she is becoming a man, so now I have a son. If that ain’t upheaval, then I don’t know what is…there is more but I won’t bore you all with it. I am writing sporadically (when I am not either moving or dealing with some bloody crisis) and one day hope to turn this crazy life of mine into a book. You have been an enormous help and inspiration to me through it all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  8. Lone Hjorth says:

    Hi Eric, When I listen to the sound file for Capricorn 2017-18 Birthday Reading it sounds like the file is for 2017. You talk about a new moon at December 29th – and I think that was in 2016. The Tarot sound file starts with you saying: Welcome to your 2016/17 reading. Am I mistaken or is there sounds file that are newer than this ones?

    kh Lone

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