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“It’s worth mentioning that Saturn in Capricorn in the 10th house is about as ideal a placement as Saturn can have. This is Saturn in full dignity, with all of the assets and very few of the problems typically associated with it. You can, under this influence, present nearly anything in a dignified way, no matter how unusual it may be. You have opportunities to succeed in ways that you never thought possible. And you are very likely to; unless, of course, you decide the whole commitment, responsibility and accomplishment thing is just not for you. Then Saturn will find other ways to manifest.

One way or another, you’ll be advancing your career as an aspect of your life, or as your life itself. The resistance to the “whole life” approach to career is that most people don’t really want to live their work. There are some who are thrilled to have a couch in their office in case they need to pull a few overnights; they’re usually the ones who love their work the most.

It would be wise of you to think in this direction. This is not about being a workaholic; it’s about living in a meaningful way. Once Chiron is in your sign, you’re likely to become obsessed with purpose. And your purpose has to be more than about your personality, the face you show the world, or your inner process of healing. With Saturn so well placed in your chart, you’re in an excellent position to drive the purpose aspect of Chiron through a practical, necessary means of expression.”


“With Uranus in Taurus, you’re being handed a wildcard on any changes you want to make. Once you align your energy and your intentions, and loosen up a little, you can evolve into pretty much any form you want. Consider this a seven-year ‘progress fest’; though focus on the first three years of that, which is suitable for medium-range and some long-range goals.

Of course, humans resist progress, most resist making decisions, and they tend not to like when things are outside of their control (change, as opposed to making changes). Any resistance you feel may be a reaction or response to a world where reality forever changes, and where so much is unpredictable. Humans live, still to this day, at the mercy of the elements, even in advanced civilizations. We need some sense of stability to plan our lives and keep our sanity, even if that’s attained mostly in psychological ways.

Taurus for many reasons represents the tension between stasis and movement, and you can feel it. You live with this sensation on a daily basis: of a world that never stops moving, and you who would love things to stay the same for just a little while. It’s close to being an objective fact: we live with, and struggle with, too much change.”


“Since 2010, Chiron has been transiting your 10th house. This transit predates the two planets that will be left in Pisces once Chiron makes its transition into Aries over the next year or so, and it’s been a time of discovery for you. You may have had an actual glimpse of what you want to do, or become; you may have reached a point of arrival.

With Chiron, however, there’s always the possibility of manifesting it as a sense of failure; though despite this feeling, there’s usually another side of the story. Often Chiron precipitates a healing crisis of some kind. You can think of that as a struggle that’s necessary along the way to solving a problem. This healing crisis may have involved identifying family influences that were difficult to spot without Chiron’s help.

You may have come close to something and nearly lost it, only to finally get where you were planning to go; or you may have given up. You may have endured a struggle or test of endurance of some kind.

Whatever the case, one property of Chiron — especially in Pisces — is the revelation of something that was previously invisible. Where Pisces is concerned, it’s possible to have your discoveries dissolve back into the cosmic ocean. So one project I suggest passionately is taking an inventory of all that you’ve done going back to April 20, 2010, complete with getting a clear sense of all that you’ve learned, particularly in your professional affairs. Do this now, while Chiron is still in Pisces, because you’re going to need this information.”


“It’s often said that Americans work too much. I would not say that. I would say that most Americans work too much at what they don’t value, or don’t really like to do. Many people show up at work wishing they didn’t have to be there. The world is becoming more like American society in many ways, with longer workdays, less vacation and less meaningful work — though there are exceptions. You must be one of them.

The mandala (solar chart) for the sign Cancer is oriented with Aries in the 10th place (also called a house). The 10th is one of the most public houses, yet also the one that carries the most responsibility. All signs play a role in every chart and in the amusement park known as life. Aries is where it’s possible to seek and find yourself — and this you do in your house of reputation, your professional activities and your service to society. This is a natural orientation for you.

Despite the Homebody reputation of Cancer, your sign is by all rights one of the most professionally endowed of the lot. Aries is a natural orientation for everyone; we all seek it out for its energy, its impulse toward beginning and its fresh, spring-like quality. Aries is a great place to feel alive, and you have fantastic potential in your work as a result of this.”

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“One thing to remember is that you have integrity. Your sign, located at the core of the solar year (the peak of Northern Hemisphere summer), is considered by many to be the most powerful of the 12. It’s the only sign ruled by an actual star, and not the satellite of one (a planet), or a satellite of the Earth (the Moon). The Sun stands at the center of the solar system, holding the entire thing together with its gravity, and providing most of the available energy through heat, light and other forms of radiation. Leo is strong. You are strong. Yet you must also be flexible (Leo is a fixed sign and can be notoriously stubborn and rigid); and more than anything, you must learn how to ask for and accept help.

The combined influence of an additional solar eclipse in your sign, and many other transits, are describing a scenario where it’s important that you maintain your focus and do what you can to cultivate integrity. This is a time calling for dharma in the original sense of the word: acting as if to hold the world together. Yet at the same time, you must do more than act as if: it’s necessary to have certain points of focus, so that you can gather your strength. The winds of change are going to be blowing hard and strong for the next few years, and you will want to harness those winds rather than have them beat on you or blow you over.”


“It’s essential to take a gentle approach to the process of shaping yourself. Also, you might take to heart that unlearning is just as important as learning. Rather than forming yourself into something, you might let go of the forms that don’t work, and then proceed to experiment with who you want to be — rather than attempting to follow strict rules.

Orcus is encouraging you to take a warm approach to this rather than cold. Other astrologers have reported the chilly energy of Orcus, and the way to work with that is to bring the temperature up. This means allowing more passion and heart-energy into your feelings and into your life.

If you feel any push-and-pull that you identify as being a factor of Neptune transiting your opposite sign, you might consider whether being more open on the heart level will ease some of that pressure. The challenge for Virgo can be vulnerability, though you might appreciate making the discovery that what we call vulnerability is one of the strongest states a person can experience.”


“Saturn’s influence will reach into everything that you consider a living space, whether it’s involved with your family of origin or not. So you may find yourself making adjustments to your home, which I suggest begin with establishing a room of your own. Use the clearing power of Saturn to open the space, and the boundary-setting power of Saturn to define it as yours. This must include time to be in that space.

Saturn transiting the 4th is one of the clearest signals that it’s time for a new space, rather than, say, renovating the one you have. However, rearranging things (such as a temporary move; or experimenting with your bedroom furniture, or what room has what function) can provide some immediate relief and also give you some practice making adjustments and seeing the benefits.

In questioning physical living spaces and family patterns, you will need to check into whom you’re living with. Many people live with housemates these days, due to economic necessity. You may decide that it’s necessary to step beyond that, which may mean taking a small place of your own, or figuring out how to earn enough money to improve your living space and still live within your means.

Fortunately, you are in a phase of financial restructuring (Uranus in Taurus). While you’re making financial changes, it’s a good idea to think about the future, where you’re headed and how you want to live.”


“Mars will retrograde across your solar chart’s IC, or the genetic line of fathers, and then enter Capricorn. Due to how long it takes Mars to station direct, the retrograde will end with nearly a month of Mars in Capricorn moving approximately one degree, from Aug. 14 through Sept. 11. This will be an especially critical time to assess your use of will, your distribution of energy, and the ways that you direct your energy. You will also have an unusual window of time, during those weeks, to resolve or draw to a close certain family matters that you identify during the retrograde.

One possibly relevant fact is that Mars is exalted in Capricorn, a kind of rulership — they have a close association. Capricorn, like Scorpio, is a feminine sign, and you can think of Mars as soaking in this earthy energy, barely moving through the zodiac. This will provide you with a rare opportunity to balance out your Mars, to cool it off, and direct its energy from a more intuitive and innate place.

You may travel back through family conditioning until you arrive at what feels like an inherent or native state — something about you that existed naturally before all the conditioning took over. It’s a much calmer state than you’re accustomed to. You don’t need to suppress your power, and you don’t need to use all of it all the time, to the point of burnout.”

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“This, by the way, is about Quaoar, which has just cleared Sagittarius and is in Capricorn to stay (for our current lifetimes). There are two questions: how would you define or describe your origins, based on what you know from all available sources; and two, how will you invest your life with that idea of who you are?

For you, Capricorn is about your investment in yourself, your acquisitions and your life tools. Capricorn is nothing if not practical (it can be a little too practical). So we’re talking not just about the story of your origins (again, from all available sources; i.e., “I am Mexican, which for me means part Mayan, and they consider their origins to be Pleiadian” or, “My family is from the British Isles and I relate to the faerie realm” or, “My family is Sicilian, so I run my life like a little self-reliant villa,” to give a few examples) but what it means to you, and what you do with it on a pragmatic level. Maybe there’s not so much you can do, or maybe it’s part of your spiritual path, or maybe you claim some power of origin or heritage. Many people feel the power of their lineage, which may be about feeling the power of lineage itself.

Not feeling cut off is important to a happy existence. The sense of connection or lineage is also not a magic solution to feeling cut off; we all have to address the fact that we are here, whoever we are and wherever we may be. It’s also important to re-evaluate the presumptions of one’s family.”


“One thing to bear in mind (regarding Mars retrograde in Aquarius) is the close association between Mars and Capricorn. While Mars is not the ruler of Cap (it rules Aries and Scorpio), Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which is like being honorary king. You might consider how Mars represents the true essence of who you are and what drives you, which is intention and desire.

So this meeting of Mars with your values, and the way others have influenced your values, is genuinely significant. Mars is not just about desire, though; it’s about action — acting on what is right for you. So imagine Mars exploring the various threads and interconnections of Aquarius, and going its own way by being retrograde; going into the past and determining when, exactly, you may have given up what you wanted the most; and most of all, challenging the notion that you must conform to someone else’s idea of what is right, to have approval.

I might be less emphatic about this if nearly every transit to your solar chart did not say the same thing: that you need to fully understand your connection to your family, and the ways in which you sacrifice your desires seemingly for the benefit of gaining anyone’s approval. This could, by extension, include any tribe you want to be part of. So one thing this transit will test is group dynamics in any form.”


“Pholus will act like a catalyst — a subtle force that influences your thinking in a big way. You will release something through this transit, particularly the first few years, and it will shift your inner orientation in a way that is irreversible. By shift, I mean awaken something in you that has a cascade effect on your life, and helps you understand your distant past. In a sense, the past will go from being something dead or useless and stashed in an attic, to something vivid and alive.

You may notice the activation of genetic memory, and of ancestors speaking to you through dreams, and the acquisition of physical artifacts that somehow come into your life. You may also notice that you start to experience, in a more direct way, certain issues that your forebears experienced, particularly their unresolved business. This may come up in a subtle way, or overt.

Usually, when someone is under a transit, I suggest that they take initiative and begin to live in a way that’s in harmony with that theme. This would include anything related to one of the topics in the paragraph above — from spending time on to making contact with the physical objects owned by your forebears.

However, the best thing to do would be to speak with your oldest relatives, and get them to tell you anything they will talk about. Here’s one clue when speaking to elders: don’t ask for their opinion or analysis; ask them to tell you “what life was like.” You will get all the opinion and analysis you need, mingled in with a more verbose stream of stories and impressions.”


“Chiron is the single most useful resource in astrology for growth, transformation, healing and raising awareness. And you’ve been blessed by its presence for more than seven years. The experiences you’ve collected in this time, and the knowledge you’ve gained, will be of service to you for the rest of your life. But moreover, what you’ve become — and who you are becoming — is evidence of what is possible; and now you have that in your body. Growth and change are real, and you can access them.

Once Chiron has left Pisces and moved on to Aries (it’s a process that begins in about 12 weeks from this writing), the excitement and potential for change are not over. Chiron will move into your 2nd solar house, Aries, where a whole new story begins. Here, you will be challenged to focus your self-esteem, and to take full possession of yourself and all that you’ve learned. You can start that process now.

This taking possession thing is something you can learn from a good therapist or career counselor, though the idea is simple: your knowledge is yours. Your experience is yours. Your achievements are yours. They are yours to do what you want and need to do with them. This extends to your belongings, the tools of your trade, your opportunities, all of your resources and, most of all, your self-respect. If you’ve done the work of Chiron in Pisces — and there’s still time to complete it — you will experience Chiron in Aries as an unprecedented time of achievement.”

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