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Greetings and Good Evening!

We’ve published the first four signs of The Art of Becoming. I’m about to wrap up Scorpio, so we should have the second four signs up by Monday. That leaves three signs to write…I will continue to keep a pace that allows me to get the job done well.

If you would like to purchase your reading, you may get individual signs here, or purchase all 12 here. All 12 is less than the cost of three individual signs.

Eric Francis Coppolino

All 12 sign areas have their supplemental materials available, to get you started. These include The Book of Your Life reading, and the midyear video readings from last summer. That set of readings, called In the Shadow of the Moon, covers the Great American Eclipse that’s still on fire, as well as warming up the 2018 transits.

Check the links on the sidebar to the right — they include a diversity of articles, though especially the three pieces I did in November, December and January that introduce those transits in detail. This will give you helpful background.

I’m aware that these readings are not the usual quickie “tell me what’s going to happen” readings — they are all about process, and seeing, and choosing from, your options.

Ideally I would have an extra day and a thousand more words to improve these readings, though I feel like that every year.

If you have questions, please type them in the comments, and I’ll circle around back to them, probably in audio format. Available videos are below; there are two more to come: the transits of Chiron, and Uranus in Taurus. Writing first, video second!

Thank you for being a Planet Waves customer.

with love,

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Videos for Saturn, Chiron and Uranus

This page will host Eric’s videos on the planetary sign changes spanning this year, including the introductory videos, in one convenient place. Please check your inbox for announcements as we add to this page.

Introduction to the Art of Becoming

Saturn in Capricorn

Introduction to Chiron

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